Professional insoles all take the “private order” route

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily searched on major online shopping platforms and found that there are a wide variety of orthopedic insoles, including those that correct internal and external horoscopes, flat feet, valgus feet, and O-legs, as well as those that can treat diabetes. Some advertised medical treatment, and some did not mention the medical concept. So, are professional orthopedic insoles and online shopping insoles the same thing?

The main function of the orthopedic insole is to correct the biomechanical problems caused by the physical structure of the foot. It is a regular product made by a professional medical team and reviewed by the price department. It is different from the insole sold and promoted online.

For real orthopedic insoles, each pair must be specially designed and tailor-made according to the specific problems of the patient. Clinically, the patient needs to be diagnosed, evaluated, and designed first. For example, a professional doctor will measure the patient’s standing calcaneal resting position, the angle of the neutral position, the torsion angle of the tibia, and the tension of each muscle group of the lower limbs, etc., and then order the insole. . The most essential difference between orthopedic insoles sold on the Internet and orthopedic insoles in hospitals is that they are mass-produced online, that is, the factory first makes a unified mold and then mass-produces it. It is difficult to meet the individual needs of each patient. .

The price of orthopedic insoles on the market ranges from ten to twenty yuan to several hundred. How to judge the pros and cons of insoles? The quality of orthopedic insoles depends firstly on whether they can solve the problems of consumers’ feet or other parts; secondly, orthopedic insoles have very high requirements for materials, and must be strong in plasticity before they can be repeatedly adjusted and reshaped. Thirdly, they must be durable and capable. It is resistant to water and chemical erosion; it is also odorless and non-toxic, and has no adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, the price of orthopedic insoles made of high-quality materials and ordinary materials is somewhat different.

The wrong choice of orthopedic insoles hurts feet and body

It is worth mentioning that it is often difficult for consumers to correctly judge their own diseases or dysfunctions, and they need professional medical institutions for diagnosis. If the orthopedic insoles purchased are not symptomatic, it will aggravate the condition or cause pain. If the foot has obvious dysfunction, it is not recommended to buy mass-produced orthopedic insoles on the Internet, otherwise it will be easy to get injured.

Taking into account that the wrong choice of orthopedic insoles online may be greatly reduced in efficacy, and even have side effects. Technician Diao Zilong suggested that patients with obvious symptoms or pain in their feet should go to a professional medical institution for diagnosis and provide customized services for orthopedic insoles.

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