A variety of sports necessitate the use of special footwear in order to participate. Cleated soles are required in football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and even cycling. Within those sports, there are many variants for indoor, turf, outdoor, and varied field (mud or hard ground) conditions. Choosing the right shoe might mean the difference between a great day and a horrible day, if not a foot injury that will terminate your sports career.


For the sake of illustration, let’s talk about rugby. For one squad, there are 15 different places on the pitch. Each position has a distinct function, therefore different cleats are preferred for various positions. Soccer cleats are most of the time okay.


Low-profile studs are ideal for jogging, cutting, and turning in low grass and dry weather. This makes them especially effective for the “backs” positions, which are in charge of more lightning-quick breakaways and fluid passing that gets the ball up the field swiftly.


For the “forwards,” who slow-push or pound the ball down field as a pack, there are also rugby-specific cleats that are high tops or have longer studs for burrowing into the ground for power and stability.


In longer grass or wet and muddy situations, this form of cleat is ideal. These cleats are a tad thicker and bulkier than soccer cleats. The cleats are sometimes composed of metal, sometimes of molded plastic, and sometimes of firm rubber.


The issue about cleats is that instead of being supported by your soles, which is natural, your entire weight is balanced on 6-10 plastic, rubber, or metal nubs. This creates pressure spots where none would otherwise exist.


This may result in inward or outward over-pronation, extra weight on your toes, or excess weight on your heels, depending on the condition and form of your foot. This has an impact on how your whole body feels and moves. Your athletic performance is determined by how well those shoes fit and how comfortable they are. It takes time and patience to break in the shoe and acclimatize your body to the new circumstances.


I’ve worn several different types of cleats in various shapes and configurations as a former athlete on teams in both the USA Rugby Super League and Major League Rugby (MLR). When it comes to choosing cleats, the first and most important consideration is proper fit. However, I’ve established via trial and error that having orthotic inserts that place the foot in an optimum posture is the best method to maximize athletic performance in cleats. This increases leverage and reactivity while also improving comfort (delaying tiredness).


Custom orthotics provide improved cushioning and optimal foot alignment between your feet and those nubs. Stability improves as well. You can concentrate on your game when you don’t have to worry about your feet aching or your body being in an awkward posture. You can improve your performance if you can concentrate on the game.


It is best to seek expert quality for both the cleats and the orthotics. If you’re buying cleats for the first time, you may go through several pairs before finding ones that fit. This isn’t unusual at all.


Try orthotics to improve your performance regardless of the style of cleat you’re wearing. Getting them personalized to your foot is the greatest option for minimizing pain and ensuring optimal body posture.


There is no bespoke orthotics solution that comes close to IDEASTEP orthotics. You may acquire professional athlete-grade orthotics from us without ever leaving your house!




With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year plastic breakage warranty, you’ll have plenty of chances to feel the benefits of IDEASTEP Orthotics: enhanced cleat responsiveness, comfort to stay in the game longer, and, most importantly, healthier feet over time.


Make sure you have the correct cleats for your sport, position, and field conditions, and consider adding custom orthotics to your game plan in any sport. When your game develops and your feet stay healthy, it will all be worth it!

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