Serious flat feet harm is big, can through the correct shoes to intervention

people with flat feet feet is more sensitive, distributed a lot of nervous system, if the oppressed for a long time, will feel pain. So flat feet, not suitable for long-distance running or walking for a long time. But if you think flat feet may only be affected after the movement, may be wrong.

the cause of mild flatfoot is due to the foot muscles and ligaments is flabby, or because of excessive load, ligament and muscle fatigue and excessive caused by stretching. Mild flat feet or continuous deterioration can become severe flat feet. Guangdong province people’s hospital of doctor of vice director of bone surgery xiao said, flat feet don’t treatment of is not just a foot injury. Human pathological morphology in order to adapt to the flat feet, hip, knee, spinal deformation happens to adapt, to compensate the flat feet. If not a positive intervention, long after easily complicated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, hip osteoarthritis and low back pain, knee arthritis, etc.

at the same time, experts generally believe that the 4 – 13 years old is children arches the critical period of growth, because the foot bone has not been mature, so is the most likely to cause a arch abnormalities, which is the most easy to intervene to correct the gold period. How to seize the golden period, active intervention, make serious flat feet back to normal? Whether it is a natural genetic or acquired factors caused by the flat feet, if walk easily, it must in the feet, correct shoe is medicine for the treatment of flat feet, is the first choice for most people. Research has shown that correct shoes has an obvious effect in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, than night dorsiflexion fixed and pull the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia is of better curative effect in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Correction principle is to adjust the child shoes foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of joint strain occurred. In addition, in the evening, the full correct shoes can use during sleep, maintain muscle outer spin state, therefore, popular in many orthopaedic hospital or institution.

correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles center based on custom custom orthopedic insoles for big data for more than ten years, according to the different arch of the foot problems, research and design the function of different corrective shoes, can be targeted intervention serious foot problems, and through to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, comprehensive consideration of physical development situation to formulate solutions such as height and weight. This technology and products for correct shoes and custom insoles center won the 2018 year China rehabilitation innovation award for the best brand of ‘industry-university-institute’ cooperation, the award issued by China council for the promotion of production-study-research cooperation.

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