Smart insole teaches you how to run without harm

Smart insole teaches you how to run without harm

Many people like running, and this has become the most common form of exercise. Running can not only maintain body shape, but also bring health. But even if running is so simple, if the method is not correct, it may also cause harm to our body, so this IDEASTEP smart insole can teach you how to run correctly without injury.

There are many sensors built-in on the insole, which can be matted when running, can capture the information of your landing, and monitor your landing and off-ground posture. You can check the foot force in real time through the supporting App. You only need to put the insole into your shoes, open and start the App, the smart will automatically run and start collecting data about your running.

Insoles can not only collect data on your running posture, but also show you in an intuitive way. With PerfScore and FormScore indicators, you can better monitor distance, pace, calories burned, and the force on your feet and knees. However, as a smart insole, it will only interrupt your exercise when you need to “remind” you with some important information or quick guidance. When it detects a problem or changes in foot force, you will receive visual and audio alerts.

In addition to footsteps, intelligence can also detect the force of our knees. It can provide you with alerts, guidance and detailed data for real-time review by evaluating various pressures acting on your knees, thereby helping you understand when you are. And how to use excessive force to effectively prevent knee damage.

For professional users, intelligence can also provide more professional data support, including pace, stride length and landing time. For professional athletes, these data can be better used to improve running performance.

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