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Insole as the standard match of running shoes neither like the charger of digital products inserted, also won’t be like the mouse of the computer in the bright place every day to see feel, so basic can be ignored by everyone.

But the importance of insoles as your feet for life is real, and greatly affects the way your feet feel when you run.The vast majority of insoles we see are only suitable for walking, not running.There are two reasons for this: first, it doesn’t fit the foot type, it only fits the size, and then it doesn’t match the shoe type.If you run with insoles like this one, you’re likely to see insoles creep out of your shoes.

The characteristics of running insoles should be:

1) Suitable size.Buy back to modify their own, need to modify the size of a certain extent can be considered without any pertinence.

2) Fit the foot.There are different designs for different positions of the feet.

3) good air permeability.It’s hard to walk on water, let alone run.

4) There is some friction.Avoid foot slip in the shoe, reduce the possibility of sports injury.

5) have a certain buffer.Although the insole is very thin, but can still have certain effect on buffering sex, also have promotion to the foot feeling.This is related to the density and thickness of insole material.

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