flat feet refers to low arches appear when standing or subsidence phenomenon, if the children have flat feet, walking is easier when tired, for a long time hence, will reduce the children the quality of life. Flat feet with congenital or genetic form, also have because weight change sharply the day after tomorrow. Intervention flat feet the sooner the better, especially before the age of 14, the effect is much better.

intervention for flat feet, first is to through some method, discover the child the real condition of the foot. Fudan university, director of the institute of sports medicine, foot health and shoes, director of the center for shi-yi Chen provides parents with three ways to test flat feet, including the method of observation, watermarking method.

observation: let the children take off their shoes stood on the plane, if viewed from the side sag. If there is no depression, namely the arch position all contact with the ground, is flat feet;

watermarking method: children will feet wet with water, then put the foot on the dry paper, will form a watermark. If the inside part of the big toes are fill up with watermark, is flat feet.

if children have flat feet, preliminary judgment shall bring the child to professional bodies to measure the foot. Through a series of data, can all-around know the child’s foot. If it is serious flat feet, be about to customizing corrective insoles, correction of wear special shoes. At present, the correct shoes and custom insoles center, has a large instrument, can use 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional evaluation, comprehensive consideration of physical development such as height and weight information, provide professional orthopedic shoe with pad.

we know that the degree of different child flat feet is different, some is only serious flat feet, have a plenty of flat feet with foot evaginate, after and eversion amplitude is different, so the correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles, custom orthopedic insoles center will have vwxyz different correction in order to enhance the comfort, also equipped with the correct shoes slippers type, let children that occupy the home also can realize to rectify the correct shoes.

in addition, seize the correct golden age to intervene, in addition to early detection and intervention is to science. Wear shoes with correct encourage appropriate exercise at the same time, some stretching jumping movement is particularly useful, can promote muscle recovery elasticity, speed up the recovery process.

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