the baby foot with flat feet, try correct shoes

now the child is the apple of parents eye, in the process of children to grow up, parents are beside the care and worry that children will catch a cold, falls, illness, injury, etc. In the process of children, it may be some parents find their children walk some exceptions, to the hospital inspection, found that is flat feet. Children appear flat feet, some people would say flat feet just walk easily wrestling, note is ok, don’t have to go to the hospital. So, will appear flat feet just easy to wrestling?

flat feet not only the simple foot flat, flat feet is one of the common deformity of the human foot, it is mainly refers to the human foot inside parapodum bow low and even collapse. In addition, flat feet isn’t uniplanar deformity, it is a three dimensional deformity. There are a lot of people are naturally flat feet or the day after tomorrow due to problems such as improper shoes as a child form flat feet, and multiple in childhood. Flatfoot symptoms almost no arch, arch when walking serious collapse, did not dare to engage in high intensity exercise, running, shopping is less than half an hour, the foot will be so painful.

arch is beneficial to balance the body, relieve fatigue, improve body flexibility. Flat feet balance is poor, pain, fall easily, the foot long heel shoe wear, impact, keep patients walk forward, alleviate pain, will lead to the change of the lower limb power line, cause inflammation of the knee hip, pelvis and pour before the meeting, bone structure. People with flat feet, and many older, old will fall down and knee pain, this is caused by inflammation of the lesions occur for a long time.

but don’t worry! If a child aged under 14 years old, serious flat feet can be through the correct insoles to correct. It is worth noting that the correct shoes is in children’s foot muscles appear too flabby, forming serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches of the foot, affect children’s gait and daily activities are suggested to use. And advise parents to bring children into the relevant institution to do professional foot, on the advice of the first division, customized children correct shoes and insoles, heel lock with toe movement at the same time, the means such as massage, foot can implement corrective.

it is worth noting that the correct shoes and myopia glasses, require strict fitting, according to the different foot shoes situation to choose the appropriate correction. Each child’s arch are different, and the same child’s foot arch situation is likely to have very big difference, and flat feet children, often accompanied by sufficient evaginate, foot eight, knock knees, hips, scoliosis, each child’s situation will differ in thousands ways, when fitting corrective insoles, foot division correction to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development information such as height and weight.

to correct shoes custom-made center children correct product as an example, on the leg muscles corrective action principle is this: when a child with severe flat feet, correct shoes on or after corrective insoles, can effectively the centralizer heel and ankle, straightening his ankle and knee joints of biological force line, let the child walk, can reduce joint strain rate, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused by severe flatfoot complications.

therefore, aimed at children under the age of 14, should encourage more children to wear orthodontic or orthopedic shoe insoles, through the above principle, the correct shoes and corrective insoles can help children arch back to normal.

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