The child in the trials of your attention

two dimensional animation work cells, the use of personification in the form of lively and interesting and various kinds of cells in the body of the form of daily work, make relatively boring biology at ordinary times life, harvest a lot of praise.

especially the ‘plaque’ corner: watery big eyes look innocent and lovely, delicate baby let a person can listen to, and slightly within eight positions, she walked some slight swing, more lovely girl.

similarly, a national treasure panda also because of its transition gait, and made more secure.

however, in the three dimensional, in humans, the eight words really MOE?

all when the baby is born, actually have toes inward phenomenon, namely eight words. This is because the longer the babies in the limited in the uterus, the greater the activity space is becoming more and more small. As much as possible in order to adapt to the uterus, so you need to keep their legs curled up together, in order to reduce the volume. In medicine, the birth of ‘O leg’ and ‘eight’ known as the physiologic bend, is perfectly normal.

usually, when they grow up to 6 – At the age of eight, as the growth of bones and muscles, shin will turn to 13 – outward 18 ° between, also think the anatomy of a better position.

however, the problem is that some children did not improve gait in the development, the eight problems are not resolved automatically. Maybe many parents do not care about, grew up thinking of some will be good, but that is not the case, children may miss the better time to correct.

in the horoscope brings to the child, not only from the appearance, will bring a lot of stress on children. In addition, studies have shown that there are eight problems in children are more likely to wrestling for unsteady gait, and also may affect walking or running.

so, although most of the children in eight words and the more, but if the children before the age of seven or eight, eight words still obviously, and the serious influence to walk; Progress over time or within eight words gradually serious, rather than rehabilitation, should timely diagnosis, consulting professionals. In this way can help children healthy growth of the foot, give the child a better future.

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