The Importance of Foot Analysis

Do we need professional sports shoes, insoles with arch support, or high-end custom insoles? Many people often want to know how to find the most suitable shoes for them, and how to make or modify the insoles to obtain the best fit and foot comfort.

Foot and ankle clinics or professional sports shoe stores can do some basic foot condition analysis to help our feet maintain a Zhongzheng exercise level during activities. If we want to further obtain the specific results of the foot analysis, certified ankles Orthopedics can also help us modify the insoles and shoes themselves to help achieve the best ankle support and assistance.

Biomechanical analysis of the foot can help people suffering from foot pain to obtain the best cooperation and support from the choice of shoes or insoles. For foot analysis, you can ask for help in sports footwear stores and professional foot care stores.

Q: What is a foot analysis?
A: Foot analysis is an evaluation process. The customer uses one or more devices to measure the pressure points of the foot and analyze the contour structure of the foot. This allows the operator to have a deeper understanding of the structure and structure of the customer’s foot. Features. At the same time, combining customers’ information about their foot discomfort and specific needs, we can better understand customers’ footwear needs and provide customized foot solutions.

Q: What kind of identity is an ankle orthopedist?
A: We take the United States as an example. We study relevant certification courses in industry-recognized educational institutions, and finally pass the exam for ankle orthopedics, the American Athletic Trainer Certification Council (ABC) or the certification committee, which is certified by NCOPE (National Orthopedic Education Committee) assessment.

Q: What equipment is needed for foot analysis?
A: It is mainly measuring instruments and digital analysis scanners. The measuring instruments can analyze the structure of the foot and analyze its contour with an accuracy of one-tenth of a millimeter. The digital analysis instrument machine combines pressure analysis and gait analysis to give The results. The data results of the two pieces of equipment provide the foot and ankle orthopedist with a clearer and more accurate picture of the function of the foot and its pressure area.

Q: How long does the foot analysis process take?
A: It takes about 15 minutes to complete a foot analysis. A comprehensive analysis of each customer. If the customer’s cooperation is poor (such as children), it may take longer, but in any case, you need to be clear Analysis results and accurate follow-up suggestions.

Q: How much does it cost to do a foot analysis?
Answer: Many times, the analysis of the foot is done for free. However, subsequent orthopedic insoles or customized orthopedic shoes will be charged.

Q: What report can I get? Why can this information and data be used?
The report and analysis results are analyzed by the foot and ankle orthopedist to determine whether the foot is healthy or not, so that the customer can be further accurately explained and the customer’s uncomfortable experience can be reduced or eliminated.

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Is foot analysis a useful diagnosis and treatment procedure?

Foot scanning and analysis are becoming more and more common, but is this a useful and effective analysis? We asked Dr. Robert Eckles (Dean of Clinical Education) from the Department of Orthopedic Sciences, New York Medical University, a member of the New York State Medical Association.

He said: “The use of these devices is not new. We believe that foot and ankle doctors and many people in the industry have used pressure sensing systems for treatment evaluation and clinical research for many years. The main key issue is the output of analytical instruments. Information. For example, people can get blood pressure readings in pharmacies. This information may be clinically useful, but it does not necessarily depend on who made the readings, because the process itself is not a diagnosis.”

He went on to add: As a tool for analyzing the pressure state of the foot, the device can clearly indicate where these pressure points exist. But let us be clear, only professional practitioners can use these data to do the next step, because it needs to determine why this happens, and whether the problem has medical significance.

“In addition, the specific technologies mentioned do not all provide similar information. For example, the AMFIT system can present three-dimensional images or foot shapes, and the use of pressure sensing technology to produce such a device is only an approximation at best.”

What can a foot and ankle doctor do?

As foot and ankle doctors, they have received professional training and can analyze and interpret the results of the evaluation professionally, including the examination and evaluation of the morphology and mechanics of the entire lower limbs and gait. This is almost the only way for patients to obtain a diagnosis.

Few doctors oppose the use of technology to make shoes that are more suitable for the patient’s foot conditions. Before “finding shoes that suit you”, the use of data is limited, unless the data is interpreted and understood, and then professionally trained. Trained people to make diagnoses.

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