Many of us lost motivation to exercise as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns and other limitations. Winter weather, on the other hand, is a sure-fire demotivator for some. Poor orthotic support causes physical pain and a fear of activity in many people.


Whatever has been holding you back, we have some pointers to help you get back on track. If physical pain is preventing you from moving freely, our custom orthotics will always assist you.


Motivate yourself.

Getting motivated to exercise again is typically the most challenging element of getting back into shape. You won’t be able to workout consistently if you despise the concept of exercising. You must ensure that your source of inspiration is one that you can rely on in any situation. Don’t exercise for the sake of pleasing others or because you believe it is something you “should” do!


Family and friend support, on the other hand, is usually a terrific way to get things started. Try to recall how enjoyable exercise can be, as well as how good it makes you feel.


Also, don’t be scared to go shoe shopping for a new pair of shoes or a pair of superb runners that can accommodate orthotics. New shoes, such as gel-cushioned sneakers or the best neutral running shoes, can help to motivate and drive purpose.


Attempting to run in five-year-old sneakers may not only result in a lack of correct support as old shoes wear out, but a symbolic purchase of new sweatpants, shoes, or athletic gear can turn a “new page” into a new, fitter you!


An Exercise Buddy and the Right Orthotic Support

It’s more enjoyable to exercise with others. Family and friends can not only offer you with motivation, but they can also keep you company while you exercise. Bringing a friend along can transform what may appear to be a chore or responsibility into a chance to spend time with someone. Exercise and social connection are the ideal ways to get out of the winter doldrums.


Seek medical advice.

Because exercise is such an important element of good health, why not get advice from a medical professional? Your doctor will be able to advise you on the type of exercise that is best for you at any particular time. They can also provide you advice on food and orthotic treatments to help you avoid overexertion.


When you return to exercise, going too hard or too fast can create physical harm, prompting you to rest even more. Begin slowly and work your way up from the ground up.



The most important component of resuming your regular fitness routine is to plan ahead. Simply declaring you’ll exercise “when you feel like it” isn’t going to help you make it a habit.


Making a time to workout a habit will help you stick to it. Setting objectives for yourself will make you feel like you’re progressing. Another useful idea is to start planning ahead of time. You’ll be less likely to waffle when prepping if you prepare your gym bag the night before or lay out your running clothing.


Investing in the correct fitness equipment can also help a lot. Make sure you obtain shoes that fit and provide adequate support – look for men’s orthotic shoes or women’s orthotic shoes to find something that suits your needs.


Comfortable clothing, portable music players, and light water bottles all contribute to a more comfortable experience.


Start slowly and get the best walking shoes for orthotics.

This section is worth repeating. It’s time to start exercising now that you’ve got everything ready! Starting slowly and gradually increasing your exercise routine is the greatest method to ensure a positive exercise experience.


To begin, seek for simple workouts and stretches that you can do at home. After that, go for a walk to stretch your legs. If you’ve had to quit exercising because of pain, look into the finest walking shoes for orthotics to keep you comfortable.


You can progress from walking to gentle jogging. Changes to a better diet should be made gradually, just as you should modify your activity habits gradually.


Inquire with your doctor if you have any concerns. Even if you’re feeling good about your progress, make sure you get enough rest. Downtime is equally as important as running time when it comes to exercising!


Get the Best Orthotics-Friendly Running Shoes

Proper foot support is, without a doubt, one of the most critical tips. To prevent yourself from leg and body pain, make sure you have the best running shoes.


We provide a large assortment of women’s orthotic shoes and men’s orthotic shoes at IDEASTEP Orthotics. Check out our store for the greatest shoes to get you back on your feet and moving.

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