Treatments and Pain Management for Heel Spurs

Have you ever had discomfort in the base of your heel? Heel spurs are one of the most common causes of heel discomfort, but there are other causes as well.


This happens when calcium deposits build up along the heel bone, generating an x-ray-visible protrusion of up to half an inch in length. Some people never feel their heel spurs, while others say they have a stabbing pain that is worst first thing in the morning or after sitting for lengthy periods of time.


Home cures, lifestyle adjustments, and medical therapies such as corticosteroid injections and custom-molded orthotics can all help.


What Causes Heel Spurs to Form?

Calcium deposits that build up on the heel bone over time generate heel spurs. Inflammation in the surrounding cartilage or tendons causes this build-up. This is why this illness frequently arises in conjunction with other inflammatory foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and arthritis.


Homeopathic Treatments for Heel Spurs

As the bone heel spur grows in size, it can press on the surrounding soft tissue, creating a subtle discomfort to acute, stabbing pain.


These home cures for heel spurs, on the other hand, can help you handle the discomfort better.



Stretching the calf and foot gently before a workout or physical activity will help relieve pressure and strain on the tissues around the heel spur. Special splints that keep your feet flexible as you sleep are also available, which can help reduce early-morning heel spur pain.


Compresses for the Cold

Inflammation is both a cause and an effect of heel spurs, and cold compresses can help to reduce it. Simply apply a cold compress to your heel for ten minutes at a time if you’re experiencing pain or tightness.


NSAIDs sold over-the-counter

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen are excellent for reducing inflammation. Inflammation exacerbates the pain associated with heel spurs. Most people are safe taking these over-the-counter medications as long as they are taken according to the recommendations on the label.


Treatments for Bone Heel Spurs in Adults

While some of the following home remedies can assist alleviate the pain associated with heel spurs, none of them can provide long-term relief.


Thankfully, some medical therapies have been found to have a good effect and can greatly relieve discomfort.


Cryoultrasound Therapy is a type of cryotherapy that uses sound waves to

Cryoultrasound therapy is a combination of electromagnetic energy and cold therapy that is administered simultaneously. This treatment, which is usually given by doctors or podiatrists, has been demonstrated to help persons with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.


Injections of corticosteroids

Corticosteroids injected directly into the heel have been demonstrated to aid some people with heel spur pain that had not responded to conventional therapies. Patients who had corticosteroid injections typically felt better for a month before reverting to their prior pain levels.


Orthotics that are moulded to your specifications

Patients with heel spurs are frequently prescribed custom-molded orthotics to help them walk or run more comfortably. These custom orthotics have a deep heel cup, which minimizes excessive foot movement that could cause tissue damage. To reduce pressure on the sensitive spur, the heel portion of the orthotic may be elevated higher than usual.



If standard methods of treatment or pain medication fail to relieve heel spur discomfort, your doctor may prescribe surgery to remove the spur. When more conservative treatments, such as orthotics, fail to enhance quality of life or manage pain, this invasive treatment is usually explored. This form of surgery, however, is dangerous, and substantial nerve injury is not unusual.


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