Wear corrective shoes equinus therapies

watch baby Lou ‘bag’

some baby born, there is a pair of different from ordinary foot – — Little feet hang, heels up, like the foot of the horse turned inward. This is a new student one of the most common foot deformity, vividly called horseshoe varus foot on medicine.

small ‘horseshoe’ more is congenital, etiology is unknown. It can happen in unilateral or bilateral, not only affect the appearance, more to inconvenience to walk, will also affect the growth of children’s foot tendons, ligaments, resulting in abnormal foot bone permutation.

before the age of 2 malocclusion effectively

2 years old before treatment, most of the water chestnut varus foot can get correction, and treatment is the best time to nine months before.

the current treatment methods are mainly pan twips therapy and other surgical therapy. The pan plug twips therapy is a kind of low cost and effective correction method, through a correction of foot deformity parts in turn, with a plaster cast, corrective effect.

in addition, the first treatment (a If use special shoes) , can make the treatment effect is more ideal. In the first 3 months after treatment, must wear support throughout the day. Later, also need to use with a 16 hours a day, Including sleep) And continue to use to 3 – 4 years old, in order to reduce the recurrence. Individual baby during wearing orthoses, also need the foot tendon surgery, to adjust the ankle joint between muscle balance.

with day and night, correct ‘horseshoe’

in the daytime, can be used with the shoes here – — With a normal here instead of shoes, the direction of not inward and outward, it can be the foot before, during and after the three parts focus on respectively, for orthopaedic foot.


when wearing the shoes here, baby will feel pain or discomfort, if can’t stand, can take to wear ShangMian socks, shoes or choose straight here. Straight here shoe money corrective action weaker than the shoes here. But remember, cannot choose normal here during corrective shoes ( The ordinary shoe money) Just, because here a normal shoes complied with equinus deformity direction, easy to aggravate deformity or recurrence.

at night, you can use Dennis – Brown frame counter here or straight here shoes for treatment. The first few evening wear, because the two feet tied together, children will feel uncomfortable and crying. At this moment does not give up so use support, otherwise the foot department turn recurrence is inevitable. After many days, general children will gradually adapt.

right after treatment, most equinus baby can normal life and sports, has a pair of feet close to normal. Parents don’t have to worry and depression, with the baby together positive in the face of disease, let little ‘horseshoe’ on the road to health at an early date.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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