always say, the older kids walk early, walk more, O type leg easily. Every parents are also special care baby ‘legs’, the children went before, parents behind Chou, worried that their children will also be ‘O’.

why O leg?

under normal circumstances, leg muscle strength is balanced on either side of the inside and outside, respectively from both sides pull small thigh bone meets the large bone in his leg and make the connection between the two leg joint surface closely. If uneven force on both sides, will make muscles stronger side face tight joints, and the other end of the joint surface become loose, tighten side of the joint surface by friction will get bigger, therefore cause pain. In order to relieve the pain, the child will subconsciously to push in the opposite direction. If the inside of the joints are tight, the child will to the lateral pressure, O type leg was formed in the long term.

how to distinguish the type O leg?

the parents can use this way to test yourself first, when the child fell asleep or completely relaxed and lie low, to take off his trousers and diapers, gently put his legs together, let the ankle, and then looked at the distance of the knee joint. If the distance is less than 3 cm, that is normal; Between 3 ~ 6 cm, need to continue to watch; More than 6 cm, there may be O leg problems, parents should take children to go to hospital right now, please the doctor further judgment.

it is important to note that the new baby calf is a little bend is normal. Because when the body in the fetus in the womb is curled up, causing a lot of babies are born within double leg after bending, the bending will gradually with the growth of children.

O leg how should treat?

usually O leg corrective method mainly has the following three:

the first kind, pad corrective custom orthopedic insoles. This method is suitable for the symptoms of mild child. O leg children should pad inside is low, the lateral high corrective custom orthopedic insoles.

the second, the use of orthoses required. This method is suitable for the symptoms are relatively heavy, need to use orthoses required under the guidance of a doctor, outside the child’s leg straight ‘bye’.

the third, surgery. If the child is in critical condition, but after long-term use of corrective insoles and orthoses required does not work, all will turn to a doctor, choose the surgical treatment.

as to specifically choose what kind of treatment, parents need to bring the baby after treatment, according to the doctor’s advice to choose the right means of correction.

O leg, prevention is very important, the mothers want to look more at ordinary times the baby’s walking and walking habit of babies, will O leg small must kill in the bud.

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