children grew up, there will be more or less flat feet. Because it is a normal physiological phenomenon, some parents will feel comfort with age will improve. But, in the child grow the stage, also because of improper wearing shoes, don’t walk pose and position can wait for a reason, right after flat feet or sufficient evaginate phenomenon appear in children, eventually led to the children to wear shoes with correct.

to intervene more flat feet, alleviate foot pain:

for children has yet to form flat feet, we can from daily wear shoes appropriate intervention. Shoes when the choose and buy should pay attention to grasp the key: first, choose the right size, the shoe must fit, shoes the most like foot larger 1 centimeter advisable; Second, pay attention to the hard and soft, the sole are usually advised to hard, have a supporting effect on foot; In the end, do not wear a pair of shoes for a long period of time can wear two pairs of alternation, let the shoes get natural recovery deformation.

and for a child has become serious flat feet, there are two types of treatment: surgery and non-surgical treatment. But doctors are generally suggest we first adopt the way of this conservative nonsurgical treatment intervention, when conservative treatment the effect not beautiful again choose surgery, including non-surgical treatment is common way is to rely on correct shoe insoles and correction.

why need to customize the correct shoes or corrective insoles:

but correct shoes is different from the ordinary shoes, need to customize. Because everyone’s problem is not the same, even if is flat feet and there will be the difference between this or that, so you need to take the child to professional agencies to check the feet, again according to the child’s foot type and degree of targeted customization.

but now in the market on custom correct shoe insoles and correction institutions has a lot of, not every correct shoes agency is a professional, their quality is uneven. I take children to customize correct shoes for the first time met a not very good organization, not only failed to give the child a foot to do thorough check, dressed in their corrective shoes also didn’t alleviate children flatfoot symptoms. Then went to the correct shoes and unintentionally custom insoles center, let me really understand the process of customizing corrective shoes, they not only have professional equipment, will also go through 3 d measure the child’s foot, and through the gait real-time tracking, real-time measurement and so on, combined with more than 10 years accumulated large data, restore true foot status of children.

in addition, the correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers center also designed according to big data has 5 different heel lock corrective insoles, is based on the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, followed by a downward slope, arch design different range retainer, followed by a socket spanner, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limb, ease children Louis tired.

but don’t think the child who is decked with correct shoes or corrective orthotic insole manufacturers we can rest easy, we should also let the child do some proper motion to further ease flatfoot symptoms. Bounce sports such as rope skipping, playing basketball and so on, can achieve the effect of exercise to strengthen muscle strength, thus improving the power of the foot muscles and ligaments, promote the development of arch.

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