children correct shoes depending on each person’s foot problem is can change the product, to adapt to the wearer’s personal foot shape. Proper use of correct shoes or corrective insoles, biological forces played a straight line, correct posture, intervention after severe flat feet, foot evaginate of foot function.

correct shoes or corrective insoles what category? What is their classification standards? According to correct shoes and custom insoles center, generally based on the heel, arch slope retainer, followed by a socket spanner design different corrective insoles, integrated design have VXYZ followed by locking corrective insoles, according to the degree of foot flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to the most close to the required support and orthodontic force, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs. To equipped with appropriate corrective shoes should satisfy the following three points:

a custom, to professional institutions.

you known, the principle of orthopedic shoe is more effective to help the children in the serious flatfoot righting the heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk reduce joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications. But want to correct shoes, major premise is to make a custom correction to the formal institutions orthotic insole manufacturers.

professional institutions, equipped with large-scale professional machine measurement, not just by big data analysis, modeling, etc to give preliminary configuration correction shoes professional data support, at the same time, through the three dimensional measuring way, to know every child foot change. Professional orthopedic division will be on the scene at the same time, according to the data, combined with their own experience, adjust to correct shoes, our custom for each foot.

on more than 20 years of development, the correct shoes and custom insoles center through the three dimensional data modeling, orthopaedic division correction for every foot of problems, such as children to provide professional services.

2, wearing to step by step.

correct shoe wearing is a gradual process. If children foot is too busy at that time can bring a lot of improvement, often can have a negative impact. Too much to force children to wear shoes with correct, will cause children produce negative emotions. Too much emphasis on different from other children’s at the same time, can also lead to child self-confidence. Parents should how to give their children the right direction?

in general, the child just from normal children shoes into correction, let the child to wear a few hours a day, after waiting for children to adapt to, can be appropriately extended in time. Along with the increasing in time every day, have a chance to correct the problem such as child’s flat feet or after sufficient evaginate. In addition, parents to positive psychological hint, can let the children more likely to also faster to correct shoes wear.

the movement of three, to cooperate effectively.

effective movement, can be the foot muscle recovery for children health and lay the foundation. What sports including effective? Effective movement include: straight line practice, toes grabbing towels, rope skipping, playing basketball and so on jumping movement, these movements can help patients to exercise the foot muscles.

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