according to the shape of the arch and how much the contact area with the ground sequence is divided into three foot type, flat feet, normal and high arches. High arches by about 12%, a higher proportion of up to 20 – athletes 25%. The so-called high arches, it mainly for the medial longitudinal arch high than normal foot, foot with the ground contact area to reduce and reduce the characteristic such as sufficient buffer function.

why do I have high arches?

1。 Genetic factors: high arches of the family of the medical research shows that many patients with high arches, and their parents have high arches.

2。 Deformation, stiffness, high arches, because of injury to foot pressure change, after tibial tendon dysfunction and inhibit the foot bone development and normal foot muscle stiffness caused by unbalanced development high arches.

3。 Improper selection of shoes easily induced high arches: if we wear the shoes is too small, too tight or too narrow, the foot bone is not stretch properly and lead to improper heel when walking out, affect the foot bone development, right from the induced high arches.

what is the effect of high arches?

high arch of the foot can make the foot pressure to focus on the ball and heel, to make the ball and heel easy cocoon and pain. Thenar muscle and fascia tension, prone to heel varus and claw toe, and can not effectively absorb the impact force comes from the ground, and long-term focus on followed by pressure, prone to thenar muscle membrane inflammation. High arches puzzling place inside and outside is not enough support of arch when walking stability is poorer, easy sprain. Some professionals from shoes wear, according to the experience, can get that judge the man walking habit, high arches sole general wear and tear on the outside of the heel, flat feet will show up in the inside of the heel.

in addition, the high arches also easy with produce the phenomenon such as neck and shoulder pain, humpback, and even cause functional length of foot, spine lateral bending, plantar fasciitis and so on many issues.

high arches solution?

how do extend crus muscle and arch stretching. The right amount of stretching to improve foot muscles and ligaments, thus improving because muscle and fascia is too tight and foot problems.

configuration according to the own foot situation appropriate orthopedic shoes, orthopedic custom orthopedic insoles, can alleviate foot problems.

a knife and cut workers, found the problem as soon as possible, solve the problem, to go further. Every journey begins with a single step, focus on foot health should be caused take seriously, the life to go further.

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