What is the use of carbon insoles

What is the use of carbon insoles?

Ordinary people generally do not need to install carbon plates in their insoles, because ordinary people rarely exercise vigorously, so usually athletes’ insoles will be equipped with carbon plates. So what is the role of carbon insoles?
The functions of carbon plate insoles are:

The first is to reduce the quality of the shoes to make them lighter and more convenient to wear. Carbon plate material is currently recognized as the lightest material in the industry, and its willfulness and strength are well received.

Secondly, improving the elasticity of the shoes can speed up the athlete’s reaction speed. The carbon plate makes the shoes more elastic and can provide thrust for the athletes.

The third strenuous exercise does not deform, which can protect the athlete’s feet from injury. The toughness of carbon fiber can ensure that the shoes are not easy to deform during very intense movements.

Therefore, a good carbon plate insole should have the following functions:

(1) Excellent divergence;

(2) Anti-bacterial and antibacterial effects;

(3) Ability to absorb odor: such as ammonia (NH4) in sweat acid;

(4) Excellent ventilation -> (breathing) effect;

(5) Prevent the sole of the foot from sliding in the shoe;

(6) Elasticity, compression resistance and shock absorption;

(7) Correct walking and standing postures;

(8) Improve support and improve the stability of the pace.

Simply put, it is anti-skid, heightened, odor-resistant, shock-absorbing and warm, etc. Not only that, the outdoor insole with a heel cup can reduce the swing when walking on the ground, reduce fatigue and reduce the chance of trauma. From this point of view, it is also very important to buy a pair of suitable outdoor shoe insoles when participating in outdoor activities.

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