In the past 30 years, with the improvement of living standards and the development of medical technology, ankle health has received more and more attention from people. It shows that people in first-tier cities have a higher and higher demand for foot and ankle health, while in other provinces and regions in China, foot and ankle disease is far from attracting people’s attention.

As life rhythm accelerates, modern people are under more and more pressure, and the incidence of various diseases is much higher than before. In the past, the frequent occurrence of heel pain in the elderly. But now, many young people also got heel pain disease.

Heel pain is usually caused by bone spurs in the foot, but bone spurs are not the direct cause of pain, but bone spurs bulge after more prone to local tissue friction, strain, the production of aseptic inflammation. Some patients as a result of long-term standing walking, or climbing, travel for a long time, such as foot movements, resulting in foot tendons, Fascia, and other parts of injury or strain, leading to local aseptic inflammation, and pain symptoms. Such as Plantar plantar tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, and other diseases.

Besides, because of the human body with the growth of age and other factors caused by physical decline, degenerative changes in various tissues and organs, foot weakness, ligament relaxation, leading to the reduction of the arch of the foot, therefore, aging is the root cause of heel pain. Finally, including a part of patients with rheumatic heel pain, such patients are often due to years of living in a humid, cold environment, the body was excessive damp caused by the invasion, often in rainy weather, and very cold weather. Heel pain from any of these causes can cause long-term pain. Of course, heel pain can also include some traumatic pain, but it is temporary and will fade away as the wound heals.

In Life, most people have experienced ankle sprains, and some of them had broken bones in their films and sought medical treatment, while most of them did not find any broken bones in their films. Patients who did not find any broken bones in this part of the body often feel that no broken bones are just no big deal, inadequate rest, and proper medical care. Ankle sprain if not cause attention, easy to leave behind a chronic instability and pain, serious will develop ankle arthritis. An ankle injury can also cause Talus osteochondral injury, ankle impact syndrome, peroneal tendon injury, tarsal Sinus Syndrome, and other chronic pain!

There are two types of heel pain: one is true heel pain, where x-rays confirm the presence of Bony Spurs in the Calcaneus and the pain is concentrated; and the other is false heel pain, where x-rays show no bony spurs and persistent pain in the heel, a heavy feeling of weakness in the legs. Heel pain often appears as the first two steps of getting up in the morning and landing the most painful, after walking a few steps can gradually alleviate.

In the treatment of heel pain generally from a biomechanical point of view, the heel will be an abnormal biomechanical correction. There is a common biomechanical correction insole, which will be the heel of the biomechanics for correction. It is a relatively perfect solution to heel pain. The general choice of brace or insole will be based on the condition of each person’s foot, including foot, Middle Foot, back foot and biomechanics, and other factors. In general, for people with heel pain, it’s best to go to a professional health care provider to buy a specific orthotic insole. Because clinically, the choice of the insole is very important for patients with heel pain, choosing the right insole can solve the problem perfectly. If the patient can not buy it himself, he can seek the help of an ankle orthopedist and go to a professional institution.

Today we would like to recommend a kind of insole which is specially designed for Plantar Fasciitis, the product number is # 622. It’s produced by Xiamen Kon Technology Co., Ltd, which has been specializing in the production of various types of orthotic insoles for 30 years, including orthotic insoles, diabetes insoles, sports insoles, woman’s high heel insoles, and customized insoles to meet the needs of customers.



First, let’s find out what plantar fasciitis is. Plantar fasciitis generally refers to a chronic injury of heel pain. For chronic injury, we usually use the method of promoting local blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, promoting metabolism, easing the tension of the surrounding tissue, thereby playing a role in alleviating pain. A hot foot bath is a great way to promote local blood circulation to alleviate the effects of Plantar Fasciitis. In addition to soaking your feet in hot water, a more effective way to walk regularly is to choose an insole that is suitable for your Plantar fasciitis. # 622 is a kind of plantar fasciitis and rigid orthotic arch support for all arch types. The Natural Contour of the arch supports the vertical position of the normal arch, relieves the tension of the Plantar Fascia and restores the semi-dislocated Fascia, achieves the correct alignment of the foot joints, and reduces the foot fatigue, to achieve natural cushioning and shock absorption, and to protect the Calcaneus, alleviate foot pain; moderate lateral wall control foot lateral movement, thereby reducing excessive pronation and external rotation; mid-layer CR Foam to provide flexibility and absorb impact provides Superior Comfort; large met master built-in. Pad Effectively supports the metatarsals, allowing the soles of the feet to roll forward smoothly from heel to toe, dispersing the impact on the forefoot.

To sum up, this insole is very suitable for people with heel pain.

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The Foot not only bears our weight but also has the function of walking. Any ankle pain or deformity will affect our walking or exercise and seriously affect our quality of life.

Please take care of foot and ankle health, the “cornerstone” of human health.


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