what does heel pad work for

As we know, the heel pad is used for the heel. What protective effects does it have on the heel?

The heel pad primarily refers to the thick layer of fatty tissue located underneath the heel bone (calcaneus) in the human foot. It acts as a natural shock absorber and plays a vital role in cushioning and protecting the heel during weight-bearing activities like walking, running, and jumping.

The heel pad spans the area from the back of the arch to the posterior (back) part of the heel. It helps distribute the forces incurred during weight-bearing evenly, reducing the impact and stress on the heel bone and surrounding structures. The fatty tissue in the heel pad compresses and deforms upon impact, absorbing the energy and providing a cushioning effect.

The integrity and proper function of the heel pad are crucial for maintaining optimal foot health and preventing discomfort or injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or heel bruising.

Note: In some contexts, the term “heel pad” can also refer to heel inserts, cushions, or pads used externally to provide additional cushioning or support for the heel area. These external heel pads are usually made of materials like silicone, gel, or foam and are designed to alleviate pressure, reduce friction, or provide extra comfort in specific situations.

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