the people’s health consciousness has been awakened slowly, the threat of mass movement boom, boom ‘movement’ itself is welcome, but also had to face and alert to injury by motion phenomenon. The lack of sports medicine and rehabilitation of talents for movement on the national development is in a state of fear, in the case of can’t change the movement pattern of medical, can increase personal awareness of fitness is the easiest step!

both sports fans and ordinary people will appear a foot uncomfortable situation, but it is generally choose to ignore this part of the pain, until walk to go to a doctor. After running feet will be uncomfortable, walk more feet will be uncomfortable, uncomfortable shoes, with high feet will be uncomfortable, if everyone knows the unified called ‘uncomfortable’ there is a big difference!

the foot long cocoon of pain: many toes at the bottom of the minister of cocoon, especially in the second toe rear near the part of the arch, oppression to the nerve pain when walking, so a lot of foot uncomfortable or long time games.

solution: you can try to soak your feet in hot water, let the foot skin soft reoccupy after professional scissors to remove cocoon. And then wipe the emulsion maintenance massage every day, to maintain a foot softness, pain ease many. Foot long cocoon is very serious, the foot arch radian is reduced, this is check with appropriate corrective custom orthopedic insoles can alleviate foot pain and fatigue.

basic symptoms: usually near the heel pain in the area, press the pain, when the morning foot pain obviously just landing.

plantar fasciitis mostly because of plantar fascia stress stimulation for a long time, when the load exceeds its capacity, the plantar fascia chronic injury. Long-term sports such as mountain climbing, jumping, at the same time, the lack of a pair of shoes in the arches provide support when it is easy to cause. Long time not processing will lead to a bone spur.

Achilles tendinitis of the common symptoms: some parts below the calf to the heel pain, feel the start to muscle stiffness, is likely to be Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis usually combined with bone slippery bursa phlogistic.

causes Achilles tendinitis, sometimes just because the shoes for a long time, shoes wear and medial or lateral imbalance lead to walk. When the volume increases suddenly, the training error and the shortage of ankle plantar flexion muscle strength is also the cause of Achilles tendinitis. If you have found to be in time to intervene, may only need to change a pair of shoes, according to the causes of targeted to solve the problem.

the formation of foot problems with ease is not achieved overnight, step-by-step requires patience, and persistence of adhere to the correct method to better solution.

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