Foot orthotics play a significant part in your day-to-day activities. Foot orthotics are custom-made to match the needs of your feet and are designed to provide support throughout the day.


Foot orthotics are designed to assist you re-establish proper body posture and biomechanical alignment in addition to treating your foot pain. Orthotists will construct your foot orthotics after a thorough examination of your body, gait, and range of motion. Foot orthotics are available in a wide range of styles:


For sporting events

To be used in active work

For the treatment of diabetes and osteoarthritis

For people who have flat feet

Back pain relief

Each of these orthotics is tailored to your body mechanics, regardless of your pathology. The IDEASTEP-exclusive custom-made foot orthotic is the ideal option. For every lifestyle, there is a foot orthotic design.


If you have persistent localized discomfort or pain, you should see an orthotist for a biomechanical evaluation. This test determines the range of motion in your joints, as well as your posture and pressure points on your feet.




Foot orthotics have a number of advantages.

The morphology of your foot is taken into account while creating custom foot orthotics. Because of their various advantages, they can meet a wide range of needs and cure a wide range of symptoms and pathologies:


They reduce pressure points in the feet that cause pain.

They promote proper foot and, by extension, lower limb alignment.

They fix your posture as well as a variety of biomechanical issues.

They improve the tone of your muscles.

They protect your feet from getting hurt.



A foot orthotic that is appropriate for your regular activities

You are one-of-a-kind, and you deserve a foot orthotic that reflects your preferences. This is why your orthotist will prescribe the model that is best suited to your pathologies, medical conditions, and lifestyle.


Plantar orthotics exist in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate these various requirements. Soft, flexible, or cushioned options are available. Depending on your needs, you can use a variety of materials such as leather, foam, leatherette, or thermoplastic.


Orthotics for active people are made to give optimal muscle activation and foot alignment while participating in sports. Designed specifically for active persons.

Pediatric orthotics are more elastic, allowing them to follow the growing cycle of the child. Many biomechanical deficits can be corrected by orthotists in early childhood to fulfill the changing needs of children throughout their growth cycle. It’s ideal for kids of all ages.

Diabetic orthotics are comprised of flexible and absorbent materials that evenly transmit pressure across the plantar region. Ideal for diabetics and arthritis sufferers.

Daily orthotics give support and stability for standing or active work throughout the day. They’re perfect for doctors, flight attendants, and those who need extra help, including construction workers.



Take care of your orthotics as if they were your own.

Without completely submerging your foot orthotics in water, clean them with a moist towel and mild soap.

After that, let them air dry for at least 24 hours.

Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or any other source of heat.

Remove them from your shoes on a regular basis to avoid moisture and unwanted odors.

Your foot orthotics were custom-made to fit your shoes and way of living. To ensure their long-term comfort, they must be precisely adjusted.


Your orthotics must be evaluated annually to meet any changes in your needs. They are made to give you with relief for a long period, but their lifespan is limited. Your orthotist is the best individual to determine how effective your orthotics are on a regular basis.




Live a full and active life with no restrictions.

Médicus, a leader in orthopedic treatment and home care, is here to help you achieve a higher quality of life.

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