baby’s bone growth process, sufficient evaginate problem is quite common. According to the statistics show that every one in thousands of infants and young children – Two people are born with a sufficient evaginate. Especially in recent years, with the expansion of rehabilitation concept sufficient evaginate is becoming more and more become a parents cannot afford to ignore the problem. The emergence of sufficient evaginate, is not only affect the person’s beauty, even on people’s health is bad, so now there are a lot of people about the phenomenon of sufficient evaginate, want to choose effective way for treatment. In treatment at the same time, we must first understand its causes in order to suit the remedy to the case.

why do my baby will be sufficient evaginate?

1, the development if the fetus in the womb, foot long oppressed not moderate, it is possible to form a sufficient evaginate. Some think long-term excessive pretibial muscle tension, ligament is flabby, muscle weakness can also lead to sufficient evaginate.

2, the beginning of bone development of infants and young children, if early learning to walk, at this time will increase the pressure of the foot joints, followed by the tilt too much. If the baby is fat, the foot should bear more weight, also can increase the incidence of the sufficient evaginate.

3, the baby just started learning to walk, if the position is not correct, and parents is not found and corrected in time, can also lead to sufficient evaginate of long period of time.

4, calcium, and bad habits can also cause a sufficient evaginate.

baby sufficient evaginate of influence?

1, make the foot fatigue, baby don’t love to walk;

2, foot pain, easy to fall;

3, affecting the normal development of the knee joint, causing X leg;

4, walk not beautiful.

baby after sufficient evaginate to do?

(1) catch the toe movement

try to let the baby with toes caught a few small things, such as ball, towel, lasts for 5 seconds after the release, repeat 10 times.

(2) the toe movement

stand on my tiptoe in situ and lasts for 5 seconds, heel stick; Step or use the toe walking around 20 or so.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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