Those who suffer from foot pain have probably tried everything: foot massages, special socks, and custom shoe inserts. However, sports trainer Carolyn Peters points out that the source of your pain might not even be in your feet.



“Calf tightness really increases common foot pain,” Peters says in the video above. “A lot of people are unaware that they have painful places in their calf.”


Many people, according to Peters, will find comfort in their feet by applying pressure to trigger points in their calves. The initial step is to press on the length of the calf muscle for tenderness. If you identify a trigger point, you can apply pressure with a foam roller, PVC pipe, or lacrosse ball, according to Peters.


Sit on the ground and extend your leg to begin. Place your calf on whichever device you’ve chosen and roll the object over the muscle until the sore place is discovered. Then, as Peters recommends, flex and point your ankle 10 times. Rep this procedure on any other tender areas you discover.


This approach works because it concentrates on the connective tissues that surround the calf muscle, according to Peters. “It’s like a cobweb in our body,” she explains, “you pull one edge and it all tightens up.”




You can help the damaged connective tissue stretch and loosen up by applying pressure and rotating the joint through a range of motion, according to Peters.


This approach can also be used to treat charley horse pain. “You’re bringing blood flow to the area because you’re actively moving the joint,” she explains. “You’ve got some pressure on the area, you’re assisting with the connective tissue, and you’re getting a little stretch while you’re doing it.”


If you try this procedure at home, Peters recommends keeping a close eye on your discomfort level. Stop and consult your doctor if your pain level increases rather than decreases.

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