a lot of love beautiful lady essentials – High heels, because wear high heels can make people confident, also can show long legs, beautiful show off myself. There is, though, such kind of people, began to worry about. They are for hallux valgus. Hallux valgus situation not only affects their appearance, more important is can also lead to different degrees of pain, even to walk. Beauty is beauty, in heels are struggling because of this, pay the health cost is really worth it?

the hallux valgus exactly is what? Hallux valgus

is one of the most common problem of the cause of discomfort, show the great toe the first plantar toe joints outward deflection more than the normal range, is a complex of foot change involves a variety of forefoot deformities.

the foot problems are more common in women, men and women in the likelihood ratio is about 1:2 to 1:3. Studies have shown that nearly half of the people for hallux valgus is before the age of 20. So if your child has a similar hallux valgus, suggest to take them to a hospital checking in time, to prevent foot problems worsen, brings to the child more severe pain.

what are the symptoms of hallux valgus?

hallux valgus mainly for great toe outward deflection. The toe to the inside of the uplift, sometimes characterized by swelling bulge. Some great toe rotation deformity, serious person the great toe squeezing the lateral plantar and ( Or) Cause mallet toes, such as cross toe deformity.

after the hallux valgus foot shape changes, not easy to choose the right shoes. Can have great toe, plantar toe medial or lateral plantar with joint pain, the severity of the pain and deformity is not completely consistent, there are also some people without pain. Time, can cause the lateral plantar mallet toes.

what was the cause of the hallux valgus?

hallux valgus causes generally have genetic, long-term wearing inappropriate shoes and lower extremities abnormal biological line of force and other factors.

(1) genetic factors,

research shows that there are 60 ~ 90% of hallux valgus people all have a family history. If there are elders suffer the problem in the home, the young players are also need to take more attention to your foot health.

2. Inappropriate shoes

a research shows that in the 1960 s, Chinese people wear shoes as much as 33% of people have been varying degrees of hallux valgus, in don’t wear shoes ethnic group, this number is only 2%.

in addition, Japan in the 1970 s, before the incidence of hallux valgus is low. It with them, in the traditional habit wear clogs of digits without extrusion.

in modern times, wearing pointed high-heeled shoes has become a fashion. In fact, this kind of shoes shoe is narrow small, will cause obvious squeezing to the toes. If the long-term wear may cause hallux valgus, if there are signs of hallux valgus may aggravate, causing intolerable pain and difficulty walking. So love beautiful ladies choose shoes to choose, health is the most important thing!

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