A. what kind of insole to buy warm in winter

There are numerous tone-heating shoes currently, you can try them.

The tone-heating insole is a high-tech product made by fixing the layers of far-infrared anion subcaste, hotting cloth subcaste, sweat-absorbing cotton cloth, heat sequestration subcaste, and massage glamorous distance together by using a permeable glue. The part of this product is veritably egregious, substantially reflected in.

1. Strong warmth keeping function. Since the tone-heating insole has the effect of tone-heating, it can reach an advanced temperature in a moment, it’s warm and comfortable to wear, and provides good protection for the bases.

2. Permeable and sweat-spongy. Since the tone-heating insole has sweat-spongy cotton cloth, it has good air permeability and is a stylish insole for people with sweaty bases.

3. Anti-mildew, deodorant, and antibacterial. Due to the special material of the tone-heating insole, bacteria can not grow in it, which has a good antibacterial effect and keeps it in dry terrain.


B. How to pad winter insoles

As the saying goes”The cold thresholds from under the bases”, so in winter, people are always used to wrapping their bases tightly for fear of freezing. As everyone knows, this isn’t conducive to keeping warm. Experts remind you that if you want to keep your bases warm in winter, do not wear too thick shoes and socks. Do not tie your shoelaces too tight. It’s stylish to put an insole.

The inner temperature is high in winter, and if the shoes and socks are too thick and tight, it’s easy to sweat. However, it’ll be absorbed by the footwear, which won’t only breed bacteria and beget athlete’s bottom, If the bottom sweat isn’t released in time. In a low temperature out-of-door, when the humidity in the shoes is cold, the bases will feel colder.

In addition, too tightly wrapped shoes and socks will affect the blood rotation of the bases, which is also the reason why the body doesn’t feel warm.

In addition, it’s stylish to wear shoes in winter to be one size bigger so that the ankle joint can move freely. A brace of insoles can’t only maintain a dry and clean terrain inside the shoes, but also help keep the bases warm. This is especially important for the seniors and those who frequently have cold hands and bases.

Do not wear flat shoes in winter, and the heel should be two or three centimeters high. This consistency can keep out the deep freeze.

In addition, the insoles and socks are stylish to be replaced every day, and the replaced insoles should be placed in a breezy place to dry in time. However, damaged, wrinkled, If the insole becomes thin., consider replacing it.

In addition, the insole is in the shoe. However, greenishness, swelling, If you feel that the shoes are too tight. appear on the bases after wearing, it also reminds you to replace the insole in time.

Heat Moldable Insoles Warm Insole



Phonetic memorandum xié diàn In Chinese myth, the exaggerated decorations of apparel, shoes, and headdresses frequently have a certain meaning and connotation, entrusting the beautiful blessings and ideals of cousins. In history, the insoles were exaggerated by the mama-in-law for the newlyweds. The bright red foundation reveals the joy of the marriage, and it’s also filled with the joy of the mama. There’s an ancient Chinese lyric”Mian Mian Gu Liao”, which means that the branches of the melon are nonstop, and the Liao ( small melon) will also grow and grow from small to large. The flourishing of descendants of continuous symbolizes the everlasting race for generations to come. Some of the patterns of the flourishing of descendants of continuous are melons that are nonstop with the branches and leaves of the vine, and some are interspersed with butterflies between the melons and vines. The colorful patterns in the insoles emblematize people’s craving for a better life. The flowers exaggerated on the insoles in the picture are shaped like peonies, which is a symbol of wealth.


Fever, medical symptom name. Under the control of the body temperature regulation center, the body’s heat product and heat dispersion processes frequently maintain a dynamic balance. When the body is under the action of pyrogens or the body temperature center dysfunction, the heat production process increases, and the heat dispersion can not be followed consequently. The increase or drop in heat dispersion and the increase in body temperature exceeds the normal range, which is called fever.

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