the fudan university institute of sports medicine and rehabilitation in October 2017 – In May 2018, eight months, to Shanghai, hunan, guangdong, hebei, sichuan and other five provinces and cities, 8974-6 16 years old of children in school, 5216 male and 3758 female) Research, data display, along with the development of arch to improve, but still about 25% of the children have low arches ( Flat feet) Situation.

so is discovery, for flat feet should wear corrective shoes? What correction needs shoes?

correct flat feet are all correct shoes, starting from the children small habit

flat feet as a child grow up in a common situation, actually there is a degree of points, not all foot problems, all need to use the correct shoes. A baby just learning to walk, because is still in the learning stage, in order to balance the body, often see penguins walk or inside and outside the eight would happen. Also, because arch has not yet well developed, combined with the arch is covered with fat, it’s easy to have a flat feet or hind eversion phenomenon. This time, parents will be seeing much baby’s gait characteristics, correct some baby sitting at the same time, sleeping position, posture, etc. Development of foot bad habits include: a nap, w-shaped sitting, walking, inside and outside the eight words, etc. In addition, don’t let the baby early to walk is one of the ways to prevent the foot with issue. Early to walk, baby’s muscle or leg has no power can fully support the weight, weight pressure will cause the baby foot deformation.

the most important thing is that, in the choice of children’s shoes or toddler when had better choose some arch retainer mat and after sufficient evaginate shoes, these shoes through friendly design for children walking, rise to alleviate the pressure of the arch, lead the correct posture, etc. It is also a professor of fudan university, director of the institute of sports medicine and rehabilitation shi-yi Chen has been emphasized.

what circumstances need to wear corrective shoes

if the phenomenon such as flat feet, after sufficient evaginate will appear in the process of children to grow up, so what kind of cases, the only need to use correct shoes to correct? This is according to age and children arch for the serious situation. After 4 years old children, arch has not yet appeared, or walk often shout pain, is not willing to walk, and serious heel valgus can take children to the correct shoes and custom insoles center and other professional institutions to measure and confirm the foot development situation. Parents can at home try to judge the severity of the child foot first: the child’s feet wet first, then put the foot completely covered in white paper, with the situation of the watermark. If not central to the concave, and with the sole of his foot width, almost flat feet could be serious. Severe flatfoot children can go to the correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers center, relying on its 3 d measurement and gait tracking, can customize a pair of corrective insoles for children. It is worth mentioning that corrective orthotic insole manufacturers must be customized, such ability is more child developmental situation of the foot, timely intervention, with exercise and massage is also good method.

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