, experts said the teenage years poor posture, position, use the habits, is the main cause of foot problems, such as some typical hallux valgus, flat feet, foot problems are and the teenage years have certain relations. As arch gradually mature, the foot of this type in the correct posture and position, have improved and have a chance to return to normal, and there are a few caused irreversible effects. So in the process of growth, if discover the child hallux valgus foot with worse, need some special orthodontic appliances help intervention and correct, correct the insole is one of them. Children with severe hallux valgus should be how to choose correct insoles? What kind of corrective insoles for hallux valgus children? Correct shoes and custom insoles center is a good choice.

corrective insoles is the professional custom

on the hallux valgus, if family members have this aspect of the problem, the child is very easy to develop. Hallux valgus people, some of the more normal life does not bring much impact, but not to wear normal shoes, and other parts for hallux valgus caused problems, will seriously affect the quality of life. Experts say, boys and girls in arch development will be a difference of about a year’s time, the girl’s arch can mature around the age of 13, while boys arch of the foot will be around the age of 14, grasp the golden age, insoles configuration correction to the child, to reduce the effects of hallux valgus.

corrective orthotic insole manufacturers custom agency has a lot of, one of which is correct shoes and custom insoles center one of the professional institutions. Depend on large and precision measuring instruments, the child stood up, can carry on the 3 d scanning, 3 d measure arch collapse in children, after sufficient evaginate degree, the degree of hallux valgus, it is concluded that children foot deformity of the model, the data matching big data can give back to the corresponding corrective insoles configuration recommendations. Orthopaedic Suggestions according to these shoes type, starting to get custom shoe pad correction to the child. Then the foot orthopaedic division will be technique gait situation of inspection and observation of children, rectify, correction to each pair of insoles with each foot.

customize a corrective insoles, will probably know, the working principle of corrective insoles adjusted for the kid’s biological lines of force, the state of balance. This determines the correct insoles can control or slow down the deterioration of foot problems, reduce pain and joint injuries.

to play effect, the movement is indispensable

correct orthotic insole manufacturers, dressing is not as long as possible, but should follow a scientific wear, not the principle of force. There is a difference because corrective insoles with general orthotic insole manufacturers, so after correction custom insoles, wearing time is much less control from time to time, if the child is exclusive to wear in the morning, evening wear can have the effect of the correction. Correct shoes and custom insoles center, said after the completion of the general custom insoles, baby wear when at the beginning, had better wear only 1 – a day 2 hours, such as children get used to correct after the shoes, can be appropriately extended in time, the final transition to adapt completely, 7 – a day Eight hours of wearing more appropriate. The aim to avoid excessive force to bring the backlash. Timely encouragement, already with sports, to encourage movement also is right choice.

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