Application of correction insoles

Application of correction insoles

  1. Applicable crowd of corrected insoles?

1: Foot ankle problems, such as flat feet and postoperative, high bow foot, graphic fasciitis, fascia and postoperative postoperative, pain, front palm cocoon, and pain.

2: Biomedicine problems in the lower limbs, such as the problem of turning the calf in the tibia, the pain in the front side of the calf, the pain of the calf, the lower leg pain, the knee pain, and the hip pain.

3: Spinal bending and back pain related to the ankle. The lower limbs are a power chain, and the connection of the hip knee and calf ankle joint affects the upper and lower ring.

For example, the knee joint, as the intermediate connection joint of the lower limbs, is often affected by the ankle of the hip, which causes many common knee joint pain damage to be caused by the knee joint itself, but the compensation of the hip and knee joint.

The pelvis and hips are located in the middle of the human torso. It plays an important upper and lower left and right. Once the pelvis is affected by the upper torso or the lower limbs of the lower end, it will then affect the other end and a series of compensation reactions. For example, the spine side bending can cause long legs. On the contrary, long legs can also cause spinal curve.

The ankle joint is the lowest end of the load. The power above will cause hard power compression of the ankle, which changes the ankle joint. The stability of different people’s ankle joints is different. Therefore, different compensation reactions will be shown. It can be found in the ankle assessment and inspection.

4: In unstable gait of the ankle and lower limb injury, such as the ankle fracture, post -knee cross surgery, flat feet, and postoperative thumb surgery.

Usually the surgery will change the ostearction structure. The correction of the structure also requires the cooperation of soft tissue. During the postoperative recovery period, due to insufficient muscle strength, load or lack of security, it will affect the stability of the gait. The effect, so it is recommended to wear corrected insoles when wearing weights after surgery to support protection.

5: Athletes improve exercise performance and prevent sports damage

The famous basketball player James has to take out the insole, because the insole is more expensive than the shoes!

Correction insoles need to be customized, the procedures are tedious, and the price is expensive. It can play a role in exercise damage and improve the performance of exercise.

So which athlete owns it, it is really reluctant to send it!

  1. Principles of correcting insoles

“Correct insole is actually an appliance, but it can be used in shoes like insoles.”

When your feet cannot adapt to the ground perfectly, correct the insole to help you adapt to the ground.

It’s like when your eyes are short -sighted, you can’t see clearly. See it with a pair of suitable glasses;

Or, when the small tree seedlings you plant are blown down by the wind, you can use a bracket to support it upright until you thrive to the towering trees that are straight.

We already know that the overallness of the lower limb power chain, so, as a loader, it can reflect what the body’s load is like. When the current limb joints and the force lines of hip and spine are wrong, it will also be on the feet. Propagation.

For example, just like there are many acupuncture points on the bottom of the foot, which can reflect your heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidney function.

Then, through professional evaluation, you can find that one of the performance of the feet and the force line of your other joint movement, so as to control the movement of the foot to control the movement of the insole, improve the movement of the force line and the lower limbs and pelvis.

  1. IDEASTEP correction insole

First of all, its materials are non -toxic, heated and shaped. The particularity of this material makes it customize according to the biomechanical function of the foot.

The orthopedicist only needs a industrial hot air gun, that is, it can change its shape, shape the shape of the customer’s need, and cool the normal temperature.

Second, the hardness of the material is about 70 °.

what is this concept?

You know that the bottom hardness of the sneakers we usually wear is about 45 °, and Adidas’s Boost material heard only 40 °.

It can be seen that the hardness of the insole is nearly twice the shoes that are usually worn, so as to achieve sufficient support effect!

This is why the correction insoles you bought online are either too soft and there is no support effect, or it is too hard to wear pain.

Instead, the insole of the improperly dressed in insoles played a bad role in procrastinating and hurting the soles of the soles.

  1. Precautions for correcting insoles

1: Effective correction insoles should be comfortable and no pain.

2: After wearing orthopedic insoles for the first time, if you are not adapted to inform your therapist or orthopedic, the insoles are adjusted and the treatment is changed.

3: Correct the insole to replace the original insole and put it in the shoes. Usually the number of normal code can be. It is recommended to buy a sports or casual shoes with sufficient space or leisure shoes. If the insole cannot be drawn, you can buy a half -size shoes.

4: The IDEASTEP insole has a variety of styles, which can adapt to different shoes and needs of high heels, sneakers, leather shoes, and football shoes.

5: Correct the cleaning of the insole can be wiped and washed, but do not soak. After washing the ventilation, do not expose it.

6: After wearing it, it is recommended to replace a pair of replacement to extend the life of the insole and increase the comfort of wearing.

7: It is recommended to replace the frequency once a year. Children’s foot code changes quickly for half a year. Adults can be appropriately extended the use time for adults.

8: It is recommended to cooperate with daily rehabilitation training, the best correction effect.


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