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Many people know the importance of shoes, but it is easy to forget. It will be chopped for shoes that are not suitable for their feet for problems such as styles, stars, and fashion.

Today we come to talk about sports shoes.

First of all, choose a misunderstanding of shoes to see how many you have?

① The shoe code is wrong

In a 400 -person survey in the United States, 80%of women’s shoes wearing shoes are smaller than their actual foot code, and men are not much better, and 60%are smaller in shoes.

Smaller shoe code is a common problem. If small sports shoes often do running and other exercises, the pain of grinding toes will cause pain problems. Chronic changes.

How to check whether the shoe code is correct?

It’s very simple, pull out the insoles and see if your toe printing position is still 0.5cm. If the toes are on the edge, it means that the shoe code is small.

As an example, the second toe is on the front of the insole, which clearly shows that the shoes are small.

② low frequency of shoes change

The materials of the shoes for a long time will be aging, and the changes in dehydration and yellowing are visible to our naked eye.

However, there are also some material buffer and elastic degradation. These factors are important biomechanical characteristics that affect the function of shoes.

Even the new shoes were placed on the shoe rack for two years, and they were silently aging.

So it is recommended that shoes should be changed frequently!

One must: change every day. It is not only for ventilation, but also the elastic recovery of the sole material. The second must: change one by one. Some shoes have been worn obviously after wearing it for a while. For example, the heel of the sole is obviously worn, and the contact on the outside of the insole is to buffer the soles of the soles. Too much wear will reduce the buffer. The risk of exercise injury increases a lot.

Sneakers should not wait until the overall wearing is very broken, but it should be replaced when its protection design is obviously destroyed.

③ A pair of shoes run the audience

Here, the audience refers to different venues. Common sports enthusiasts go to track and field running, basketball courts, and playing badminton courts. They are all the same pair of shoes.

This is wrong. First of all, different frictions of different venues, and the imposed soles needed are different.

Secondly, the functions of the shoe needs of different sports are different. For example, running is mainly moving forward, and basketball needs to jump to the ground. Badminton needs to switch between left and right.

④ Buy shoes

Common sports enthusiasts look at the shoes that others wear, or when they look at others, they will buy the same paragraph without thinking. This is very blind.

Principles of the public

For the choice of sneakers, we usually have the following three key principles to grasp the most critical function of shoes:

One: Follow it after pinching, to be stable

Understand the heels with your hands, you cannot easily soften and deform, so that you can provide good landing stability and prevent stomach.

Two: Bend the front palm, it must be reasonable

The front palm is easy to bend, helping to advance the ground. However, it should not be too easy to bend, avoid excessive pulse of the fascia when pedaling.

Three: Twisted in the foot, you can’t twist

If the middle foot occurs, it is easy to cause fasciitis and back pain. In order to protect the soles of the foot, the middle part of the shoes needs to be stable and not easy to bend.

Of course, the shoes also have many features. Different functions of shoes will highlight the focus of the shoes. Generally, the product introduction of the shoes will be displayed.

When you choose a pair of ordinary (price) sports shoes, the functional design must not be the most complete, so you can choose some functions you like according to personal needs, and slightly other functions, so as to buy your favorite shoes.

For professional athletes, we must wear the best shoes in order to have the best sports performance and most comprehensive damage prevention!

If you are pursuing more exercise performance or some pain problems in the ankle or lower limbs, you also need to analyze the biomechanical function of the feet from a professional perspective.

Such demands are common athletes or troops. They need to run speed and pursue better physical goals, but during the training process, the problems of poor lower limb pain or poor endurance often occur.

Biomechanical function of the foot.

Professionals must see:

When running, the feet usually have moderate functional rotation to adapt to the ground and keep the single legs support the stability of the lower limbs.

If the function of the feet is normal and the front of the ground is normal, you can wear shoes with neutral functions, such as normal feet.

If the ankle is unstable and the runners who have excessive rotation occur, it is suitable for shoes with stable support design with stable support, such as flexible flat feet, excessive corners of the tibia, and an ankle rotation caused by X/O legs. Predited compensation and so on.

If the ankle is not active and insufficient, you can wear the soft shoes of the sole to increase the buffer and promote the front -spinning function of the foot, such as the stiff and flat foot, stiff high bow foot.

The above judgments are partially professional. It is recommended to find a professional understanding evaluation and judgment. In particular, if you have pain in foot pain or other lower limb pain, please find a professional lower limb biomechanical researcher for evaluation.

The principle is general, but not absolute!

Due to the different changes and standing when running, the professionals are recommended to use the treadmill to analyze with slow motion videos to analyze the changes in the lower limbs of the lower limbs during the support period.

For those who have already occurred or exercise damage, the functionality of ordinary mass -produced shoes may no longer meet the needs. At this time, you need to configure professional custom correction insoles to correct the function of lower limbs and feet.


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