Away from the cocoon, foot care points

fine jade is sufficient, can lead us to the foot of the master’s beautiful daydream. And cover thick calloused hands and feet, it is years of hard work laborer vision image.

today, people on foot and beautiful requirements higher than ever before. When walking, standing, foot under tremendous pressure. Pressure is too big, foot skin will grow out of the cocoon or corns in order to protect the pressure parts, characterized by, skin thickening and harden, a yellow or yellow-brown, central thicker, with thin edge. Cocoon slightly flat than corns, boundary is not clear and scope is bigger, often occurs in the ball or heel, often occurring symmetry. Like hand calluses, the soles of cocoon usually painless, but the pain occurs in cocoon thicker. And corn border and clear, the scope is less, develops in between the toes, not necessarily symmetrical, center has a wedge cutin embedded in the skin. If the tip of the cutin oppression to the nerve endings, it can cause pain during compression.

cocoon and corn is in order to protect the skin and the pressure parts, therefore, did not appear the cocoon of pain and corns all don’t need to do special processing.

in view of the cocoon or corn there has been a pain, can use hot water or traditional Chinese medicine to soak the foot to soften it and then use has disinfection to cocoon special scissors or knife to remove. Note not all clean, otherwise, the skin will be because of less cocoon or corns and the protection of pressure is bigger, more intense pain. More stubborn corn to hospital for surgery.

these situations easily to minister cocoon or corns

1, a foot layer of fat atrophy.

as we age, a foot fat layer gradually thinning, some old people even a foot layer of fat atrophy, and lose the buffer range, reduce the effect of friction.

2, wearing high heels, too small, too narrow, or the fabric good shoes.

high heels to make pressure on the ball. Is too small, too narrow, or fabric quality shoes easy with local high temperature of foot skin friction, in order to avoid damage, skin blisters, and then to produce protective thickening of the cuticle.

3, flat feet or high arches.

flat feet make foot pressure concentrated in the inside of the foot, easy at first at the bottom of the joints between the lateral or toes to produce thick cocoon. And high arches is easy to make the pressure on the ball and heel, thick cocoon are often concentrated in this area.

4, bone or joint abnormalities.

these anomalies can make the foot force, easy to place in the apophysis form a larger pressure.

measures to prevent or reduce recurrence

1. Soft mat in the shoe orthotic insole manufacturers, and choose the shoes sole is a bit thick.

2。 Choose fit shoes, shoes fit feet long, toe cap loose, easy to twist the ball position, fabric soft, heel is not more than 3 cm.

3。 Pick a arch orthotic insole manufacturers, improve abnormal foot force, also can ask professionals tailored suits own orthotic insole manufacturers.

4。 Abnormal bone or joint people can choose soft material, reduce the abnormal pressure bone-like position.

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