modern mobile phones, computer is completely inseparable from the body, seems to bow when family should be a lot. But do you know that research shows that when cervical physiological curvature is unhealthy, with normal pressure head caused by the pressure of 3 ~ 4 times! Made the picture, no wonder people jokingly quipped, if human continue to indulge in ‘head’, even sooner or later will mutate into another kind of primate.

so, cervical spondylosis harm how much?

you know, in the past, cervical spondylosis just happens in middle-aged and old groups, such as doctors, teachers, white-collar workers need long-term working at the incidence is higher in the crowd. But as the ‘head’ habits, as well as the expansion of the ‘head’ crowd, cervical vertebra disease rates also continue to rise in young people. According to statistics, now our country has about 1. 500 million people suffering from varying degrees of cervical spine problems.

the cervical spondylosis, is not only a shoulder neck tightness, pain, also can cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, flustered, chest tightness, and even visual and auditory disorders and other symptoms. Therefore, in the house bow clan is good entertainment options, also don’t forget to send cervical vertebra to relax from time to time. If have been professional doctor diagnosis of cervical spondylosis, more attention should be paid to cervical curing. By multiple cervical spine bones, joints, ligaments and nerve, muscle and blood vessels, thus caused by the pain of the situation is very varied. If you hold down position after a period of time, can choose to lie flat on the bed to cervical relaxation. The height of the pillow should lie on your back blow high, side a fist and a half high.

ice compress for almost all of the muscles and osseous injury lead to pain, are all effective treatments, for cervical pain, too. If you have any acute cervical pain, put ice packs, the most intense pain so as to help the pain, and reduce inflammation. However, for patients with long-term, chronic cervical vertebra disease, ice compress do not apply. Because the pain often is not caused by inflammation.

in patients with chronic neck pain, after the hot compress, slight stretch was carried out on the affected area and activity, can help alleviate the pain. Can use action including shoulder around the ring, the neck around the ring, etc. After the warm-up, the ear can be close to the side of the shoulder, to maintain after the 30 seconds, then switch on the other side.

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