Li gp: children consisted of wear corrective shoes should be taken into account

several kinematics veteran reminds, the child’s foot development stage at the age of 4 to 14, 4 years old children after a foot to reduce fat, increase bearing, arch started slowly setting, if development is not good, will form the flat feet, plus parents don’t early intervention, after grow up flat feet, may need to do bone cutting orthopaedic surgery, can be restored to normal arch of the foot.

so when the parents found the child with flat feet, shall be conducted by means of positive intervention. State general administration of sports, a former director of the institute of sports medicine and sports medicine branch of China sports science institute, director of the committee, said li gp if children appear below the case, parents should be early intervention: foot tired children walk often said, walking to shout pain, knee pain, waist pain even happen; While standing inside parapodum bow appeared the phenomenon of subsidence.

li gp further stated that flat feet when standing refers to the low arches, subsidence, arch the lack of a push, shock absorption function, when the children appear flat feet, and teenage children daily exercise, walking for a long time, movement is easy to feel tired feet, foot pain and with age also may appear knee pain, waist pain, etc. ‘In fact many foot phenomena such as flat feet, it is suggested that often do some exercise and wear appropriate corrective shoes, as children age will gradually ease, have the opportunity to be normal. ‘But correct shoes can’t buy, must like myopia glasses professional match customized again after inspection, such as hospitals, ankle orthopaedic centre can provide the professional service.

every child arch of the foot is different, and the same child’s foot arch situation is likely to have very big difference, parents can take children to the ankle orthopaedic center for consultation, their professional foot division correction when correction fitting shoes to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development situation, such as height and weight to give professional advice.

li gp last advice, in addition to wear appropriate corrective shoes, just the right amount of exercise can also alleviate symptoms of flat feet, best can do warm-up exercise before movement ( Such as toe movement, toe movement, etc. ) , let the foot muscles slightly pull loose after exercise, can cut the odds of a foot injury.

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