I’m a more careless mother, baby is growing way on the road. But still very regret, did not discover the children walking in the horoscope, often’ll think of it, but as time growth, wax, found that children’s heels a little eversion phenomenon. Neighbor the doctor suggested to take children out to check, only to find that the gravity of the situation. The doctor suggested, this age children can still by wearing the correct shoes to correct.

so below the doctor’s advice and went to the correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles center, correction institutions have a lot of shoes, why did you choose this? Actually I have done a survey, to join some flatfoot group, group of friends are people with all kinds of arch problems, some of them are adults, some of them are children. Group of friends to share all the time to mention correct shoes and custom insoles center service is good and very professional, including the inside of the foot, masking and some equipment. Try holding the attitude, took the kids to the center, foot division correction seriously asked some questions, and then let the child standing on the large equipment, screen will show the foot some condition, proper division of argument is that instrument can be through the three dimensional measurement and gait tracking, accurate understanding to the baby’s foot. Indeed, in the instrument, the first time I saw the baby foot gap with normal condition. Finally confirmed that the baby had severe flat feet slightly after sufficient evaginate. Comfort here and I have the same child of mom and dad, the teen foot can be through the correct shoes to correct, as long as have a scientific intervention, serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches, etc can be back to normal.

so what is the scientific correct? Must want to customize the word mentioned here. If not correct shoes and custom insoles centre, I don’t know, correct insoles is need to customize, like myopia glasses, need to adjust according to the actual condition of each person. In large equipment and proper division, helped by a final shoes custom made a pair of suitable for baby.

at the beginning the baby does not adapt to the correct shoes, so I also have asked him to wear is not mandatory. May be just let him wear 1 – for a start 2 hours, such as he slowly adapted to the longer time, now my baby can wear all day long, but also has some obvious changes. So actually, mom and dad don’t need to worry too much, as long as give to scientific intervention, the baby’s foot will restore health.

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