Walk. care of the baby, is every parents often encountered. Look at the baby walking posture, some baby walk eight words. Do you have any questions in eight words? Internal transition gait whether need to correct?

within the parent is the first thing to do, of course, trying to figure of eight. Baby within eight has two kinds of physiological and pathological. First in terms of physiology and walk because the baby needs a process, if the baby don’t walk, comfortable, to stand up and hit the baby naturally correct body gravity, adopt different gait. But as the baby grows, eight words within this phenomenon will gradually disappear. This time the parents need to do is continue to observe the baby’s walking.

the second is the pathological, some children congenital tibial rotation deformity, resulting in the baby’s ankle itself, walk eight inside appear; ‘O’ shape the legs, ‘X’ shape leg children walk also can have a variety of different gait. If this is the case, must take the baby to some professional institutions as soon as possible, within the special horoscope orthopedic shoes to correct.

judge an institution’s normal or not, is that you can see from the service process. To indulge more than 20 years in the field of orthopedic shoe correct shoes and custom insoles center, go in, you will see some specialized equipment commonly staff for the first eight children do foot pressure analysis, by scanning the footprints, analysis to judge the child foot sole pressure distribution; At the same time they also use 3 d measurement foot type infrared foot scanner data; In addition, foot division correction technique examination analysis foot results is also essential link. Comprehensive testing data and artificial professional judgment, foot division correction will be, according to the test data shows that all is according to the specific foot data configuration suitable insole or customized insole. In order to ensure that each pair of correct shoes or corrective insoles, right foot division correction for children with eight within selected eight custom orthopedic insoles, with torsion belt and also with the foot, let the baby started foot slightly out, thus reducing the eight point of view, let the baby when walking gait returns to normal.

configured within eight after corrective custom orthopedic insoles, have to the wearing of science. When the child is still in the adjustment period, encourage more children to wear corrective shoes, but can’t force, usually 2 – It is advisable to 3 hours. When the child was completely adapted to the correct shoes or after corrective custom orthopedic insoles, can be extended to 7 – put in right time Eight hours. With the positive movement and massage at the same time, eight in the situation can be corrected.

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