custom orthotics be made by a doctor

Custom orthotics do not necessarily need to be made by a doctor personally. While doctors, specifically podiatrists or orthopedic specialists, are often involved in the process of prescribing and fitting custom orthotics, the actual manufacturing of the orthotics can be done by trained orthotists or specialized labs.

Typically, the process starts with a consultation with a healthcare professional who will assess your foot and gait mechanics, determine if custom orthotics are necessary, and take measurements or impressions of your feet. These measurements or impressions are then used to create a custom orthotic that is tailored to your specific needs.

Orthotists are professionals who specialize in designing and fabricating orthotic devices. They work closely with healthcare providers to ensure that the custom orthotics meet the patient’s requirements. Specialized labs may also be involved in the manufacturing process, utilizing advanced technology and materials to create the custom orthotics.

We are a manufacturer of orthotics, and our specialist Karl Kang is a certified Pedorthist in the United States with certification number U.S. Certified Pedorthist #4290. We are capable of creating custom orthotics for podiatrists. If there is a need, feel free to contact us directly.

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