not all serious flat feet and after sufficient evaginate children are genetic, there are some children appear problem, because the result of bad habits in life. If parents do not pay attention to daily is not correct, you will need to wear corrective shoes take correction phenomenon in children. So what kind of bad habits will affect children foot health? What circumstances need to wear corrective shoes?

children everyday a few small habits, adverse effect on the foot development, if the children present W sitting position, or like lying down to sleep, walk, like eight within or outside horoscope, will pay attention to the parents. Such a wrong position can to a certain extent affect the child’s foot health, affect the child’s foot. In correcting children of bad habits at the same time, should also pay close attention to the growth of the child’s foot. The 1 – 4 years old children, the thick fat covering arch, flat feet is normal phenomenon. As children grow older, fat is absorbed gradually, arch will emerge. Therefore, this stage can appear more or less flat feet, need not worry too much.

when your child severe flat feet, just needs some necessary intervention and rectified. Tell them flat feet, can be done at home, wet feet, printed on a piece of paper, see the arch position of watermark, whether with the sole of the foot even flush, if the basic level, is likely to be seriously flat feet. Took the kids to correct shoes and custom insoles center, special tests, help to understand the real condition of child foot. Correct shoes and custom insoles center equipped with professional foot testing instruments, including 3 d three-dimensional foot three-dimensional scanning analyzer, plantar pressure gait analyzer, shadow, ES – CHECK system, detailed data generation and analysis of the foot of visiting customers. With the analysis of these instruments, the foot has a more complete picture of parents.

has met all would foot development situation, according to the children follow foot division correction advice, choose correct shoes product portfolio is more suitable for children. According to different flat feet and after sufficient evaginate of foot change, medium/high help correct shoe insoles + correction combination, the integration of correctional shoe insoles + correction combination, feet high shoes insoles combination, the word MATS + + fill high torsional braid + foot night combination, with the foot into the word correct slippers do different products, such as basic cover correction demand different children.

custom insoles is one of the important link. Because the child foot development situation is different, in order to achieve accurate custom, just need to be customized orthotic insole manufacturers for help. There correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers center also followed by locking corrective insoles series: according to the degree of foot flat, a foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, design with different slope, the range of heel arch retainer, followed by a nest of 6 kinds of insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

choose the right product mix, to give children more joint correction.

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