witness the growth of the baby always make the parents.

but the baby grow in the process of the ‘trap’,

parents can take their babies precision to avoid?

here, the full guards to share with you a true story.

in the story, the child because miss best corrected period,

to be simple and noninvasive way,

to complete the treatments of the eight words.

last week, a young mother share with us the true story of her baby.

early in her baby at the age of three, she was found inside a horoscope signs of child to walk. In the medical circle has many resources, she immediately aware of the problem, with the baby and children’s hospital of Beijing multiple bone, an expert’s opinion, hope to be able to early intervention for the baby.

but go to, the opinions of the experts without exception are: that’s ok, such as children grow up naturally good, don’t tube!

in this way, she can only every day nervously watching the baby grow up. Behind the baby every time looking at the baby within eight gait, her heart is with a concern, but then again comfort myself: it’s okay, experts said, again good, long it doesn’t matter!

at once, the child has grown to more than eight years old. But in eight situation has not improved.

she sat not to live, and determined to take children to see a doctor again. She asked the doctor, the child why haven’t change? What would look good?

the doctor looked at the eyes of a child’s age, and children in medical records gait, but said with a sigh, children in this age, suggested to observe for two years, no surgical correction for it!

looked at her helpless eyes, the doctor added, you can take children to correct shoes and ask custom orthotic insole manufacturers center, to see if their corrective insoles can also help relieve. But some children age big, corrective effect is not good.

she said that she now regrets unceasingly, think for the sake of their kids missed the best corrected timing.

in fact, the doctor said is right, some children in the horoscope, can with age to correct to normal. But the situation will not happen in each child’s 100%. In fact, there are a large part of the children can’t restore, need to correct.

however, rectify the key to success is to grasp best corrected. To have missed the best corrected children, and even the ai is Ed is also the possibility to the hope of a full recovery. In fact, many parents will miss the child’s best corrected period because internal horoscope.

why within eight words all when the baby is born, are all in the horoscope, namely the toes inward. Under normal circumstances, when they grow up to 6 – At the age of eight, shin will turn outward into the slightly horoscope, anatomy think best position: 13 ° between 18 °. When tibial torsional within the measured values is less than 13 ° for horoscope, 18 ° for measuring value is greater than eight. But some people often can’t development to the best position, and become the eight words or outside a horoscope. Eight words bring the questions within the

within eight words, is not only ‘not beautiful’ in the history of gait, cause the child’s psychological barriers, what’s more, the following a series of problems may arise:

let’s do a little test:

everybody to stand up, put both feet in eight postures ( Can put some exaggeration, this effect is more obvious) When you pay attention to your own body, lower limbs are naturally forward, upper body in order to balance the body naturally backward? Eight is the opposite. For a long time in the past, like the position of bone remodeling, formed a small black shape.

so, the parents found the child to walk within eight words, be sure to pay attention to this problem, and a timely correction.

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