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There used to be an ad line that said: “Girls buy shoes when they are happy, but also buy shoes when they are not happy.” Girls never have too many shoes, but do you know? Choosing shoes is not only good-looking but also has a lot to do with the shape of your feet. Picking the wrong shoes will also make your feet more likely to be injured!

As the saying goes, “the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked”, but in fact, “the lower beam is not right, the upper beam will be crooked,” said Lin Songkai, director of the Lianxin Sports Medicine Center. The greatest pressure, once the feet are skewed, collapsed, or unequal in standing, can affect the health of the whole body. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that “keep your body first, raise your feet”.

(Once the feet are skewed, collapsed, or unequal, they may affect the health of the whole body.)

Women have a higher rate of foot pain. There are 3 reasons

Lin Songkai said that raising feet is more important for girls, mainly because women have a higher proportion of foot pain or injury than men. As for why this is the case, the reasons can be roughly divided into the following three points:

1. Osteoporosis after menopause: Women are less stable in bones and muscles than men due to hormonal factors. In addition, after menopause at the age of 50, women will face more rapid physical deterioration than men, suffering from feet, knees, etc. The proportion of degenerative diseases is also higher. Even in foot surgery, up to 80% of patients are women.

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2. Muscles are softer and muscle strength is insufficient: Lin Songkai said that women generally have better inherent flexibility, but their lower limbs are weaker than men, so they are more prone to foot pain or injury.

3. Inappropriate shoes: Women generally have more choices of shoes than men, but they are relatively easy to wear shoes that are not suitable for them and harmful to the health of their feet, such as high heels, due to aesthetic considerations.

Therefore, choosing the right and comfortable shoes is more important for women. But in addition to being beautiful and comfortable, how can you choose shoes?

When choosing shoes, look at the shape of your feet first

Zhu Jiahong, the director of Xingjian Orthopedic Clinic, said that the discrimination of foot type can be divided into two parts: forefoot and middle and hindfoot. The forefoot can be divided into 3-foot types according to the length ratio of the first and second toes:

1. Egyptian feet: The big toe is longer than the other four toes. The axis of gravity of this foot type is usually between the big toe and the second toe, and most of the weight falls on the big toe. Suitable shoes are diagonal shoes, or styles with a wider toe, such as Birkenstocks.

2. Greek feet: The second toe is longer than other toes, and the axis of gravity of the foot usually falls on the second toe. Since the second toe is not protected by the big toe, it is easy to hit and rub against the toe cap when wearing shoes, causing the tip of the toe Arthritis and pain. Suitable shoes are round-toed shoes, or pointed toes, and apricot-toed shoes that do not squeeze the toes too much.

3. Roman feet: The five toes are all about the same length, similar to a square shape. Due to the average force, the balance may be better. Suitable for square-toed and round-toed shoes.

If the shape of the forefoot is related to the toe cap, then the shape of the middle and hindfoot is related to the hardness, support, and heel of the shoe. Lin Songkai said that according to the condition of the middle and hind feet, there are three types of feet: high arch, low arch, and normal arch.

1. High arch: refers to the contact between the arch of the foot and the ground when the foot is stepped on. When walking and running, the arch of the foot cannot be extended to the ground to achieve the shock-absorbing effect, so it is easy to cause the impact of the foot and even conduct to the knees and other joints to cause injury. When choosing shoes, it is recommended to choose shoes with a good shock absorption effect. For example, shoes with air cushion or curved bottom design are quite suitable, which can alleviate the impact from the bottom up.

2. Low arch: also known as flat feet. When standing, the arch of the foot will stick directly to the ground with almost no gaps. The elasticity of the foot is poor. If you walk for too long or run too much, you will often feel the arch on the inner side of the foot. Partly uncomfortable. For people with low arch feet, choose shoes that focus on stability. It is recommended to choose shoes with harder material at the inner arch, better support for the outsole and inner pad, or shoes with a little heel, and use special insoles for flat feet. , Is also a good auxiliary method.

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3. Normal arch: The arch of the normal foot has a proper space when it is in contact with the ground. Unlike the low arch (flat foot) and high arch foot, which are too low or too high, the bones of the foot and the heel are more symmetrical. On average, stepping on the ground will form a natural arc like a bow being pulled apart. It has the best elasticity and can support body weight normally. Any shoes that are comfortable to wear are suitable.

(The shape of the middle and hind feet is related to the hardness, support, and heel of the shoe.)

Lin Songkai said that in general, it is easier to judge the shape of the forefoot, but the part of the hindfoot may require professional assistance. It is recommended to consult a rehabilitation department, a physical therapist, an orthopedic physician, etc., or some shoe stores now have it. Providing foot measurement services helps consumers understand the shape of their feet and choose shoes that are more suitable for them.

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