configuration correction shoes for the first time, a correction of correct shoes and custom orthopedic insoles for lack of cognition of small white parents, the most often asked question is, rectify how much is a pair of insoles? The correct shoes you are thousands of on market, cheap may have dozens of trading. It is good but not expensive, must not suitable for children and it is cheap? Custom children corrective custom orthopedic insoles key is not the price, but lies in whether the joint children every foot.

watch children or their feet, you will find that even the normal foot also are different, in addition to size, but also in the position of different bone joints, moreover is suffering from severe flat feet or after sufficient evaginate. People with foot problems, the deformation of the part of the brain that is not the same. Some of them are high arches, low arches or flat feet, after sufficient evaginate also have different amplitude, so, for children with arch problem, rectify shoes configuration, is the need to consider a custom, customized shoes, only suitable for children. Custom before a pair of corrective insoles, need to correct shoes and custom insoles center, according to the three-dimensional measurement of large instruments and gait tracking, can be the overall understand the entire development status of the foot, then match the big data, to correct custom insoles. Like to wear glasses, in the process of custom, after is a correction to children wear shoes, the children experience comfort for fine adjustment. Correct shoes and children’s shoes, not excessive pursuit of comfort.

from the design point of view, correct shoe insoles, shoes with personalized, ectropion correction within the correct shoes has a good stability. Can keep the built-in orthopedic insoles do not shift and moving. Special heel cup design, have the function of the calcaneal clamping, can make children heel bone in a neutral position, to prevent and correct the heel skewed. Toe outside using baffle design, to correct the forefoot of partial phenomenon, with Thomas heel and cross bow cushion soles, can bear arches. So, the function of the correct shoes is to through the above design, fixed heel, straighten biological force line, make its perpendicular to the ground, for the feet to build normal walking environment.

as well as correct shoes and children’s shoes, the center of the correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles orthopaedic remind, in correct shoes is need a process of adaptation. At the time of just wear, you need to follow the process step by step, namely may be 1 – began to wear 2 hours, with the adaptation degree gradually extend the time, eventually to wear all day.

custom and wear only through science, to help children achieve the correct foot. For correct shoes expensive or cheap good alternatives, or based on personal financial resources as well as their children’s own situation, the right is the best.

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