maybe you have seen them through your office window, in the morning or at night, gathered in the park. Maybe your colleagues like hurry up jogging at lunch time, or you see the local game of leaflets, it makes you wonder.

run, most people will tell you that this is the most simple movement, because you only need a pair of sports shoes. Although this is so in most cases, but the sport has a layer of mystery, let many non runners can’t realize leap-forward development.

if you ever want to try to run, or even if you tried it before and I hate it, here is how to health, so that you can truly become a lifelong runner.

1。 Slowly beginning to

most novice runners will be their shoelaces together, and then take off in the street, looking forward to a few miles in the sprint. Even at the end of the block is the driveway, reality will catch up with them. Run too slowly, you can communicate in the running, running coach usually advice: if you can’t speak, you are too fast.

2。 Plan to run/walk

into your running increase in walking walking or running. If they need to go for a few seconds during the running, a lot of new runners will feel discouraged. But this is the most runners way to get started. Select an object in the distance, and plans to walk when reach there. As soon as you walk, select another object you will start running again. The next time you go out running, try to run longer, walk less. Before you know it, you will be able to put these running together a few miles.

3。 Set a schedule

even if you do not intend to training at the end of the game, should also follow the beginner running program, keep your enthusiasm and sex. ‘If there is no such a schedule, a new runner is likely to rise too quickly their training load is beyond the scope of the body can adapt to this, of course, can lead to injuries and disappointments,’ famous running coach suggested.

4。 Find a friend

many runners have said: I think, to find friends run key is a key to make a lifelong hobby. ‘May feel fear at first, but just remember that everyone is in a certain place to start, most runners are very willing to help new runners a foothold in the sport. Check the local running store or a fitness center, know your area if there is a running group, or would be interested in matching the independent runner.

5。 Need a good pair of shoes and custom orthopedic insoles

if your feet hurt, you don’t want to run. Before a run, therefore, please ensure that you meet your foot health sport shoes and insoles for scientific collocation. This might make you more easily finish running effectively, the most important to you like it, and will let us benefit for life.

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