Correction insole of the thumb

Corrected insoles in the thumb, indications: foot cocoon, front palm pain, metatarsal bone collapse, fascia, foot pads, thumb back, horizontal bow collapse, toe deformation, etc.


Physician of the foot reminds: The health relationship of the feet’s health relationship, the health of the entire human bone structure, please be sure to find a professional foot -rehabilitation physician for consultation and purchase. Incorrect stress creation is incorrect gait. Incorrect gait will have bad postures. Long -term posture errors will cause the lesions of the bone structure. These problems are the most prominent in the elderly.

Auxiliary features: By changing the incorrect negative point of both feet, re -adjusting the arrangement of bipolar bones, long -term orthopedics can make the bones arrange in the best state, especially for common foot diseases such as flat feet, toe valgus, toe valga, toes, and toe. Bone diseases such as Os, such as Os, and the outer eight characters, and the outer eight characters, and regulating the human negative lines of the human body.

The effect of foot pain, waist and leg pain

According to research, the ankleologist has confirmed that the causes of chronic damage to the lower limb and joints are mostly due to the biomechanics of lower limbs. Essence The fundamental reason for the changes in the biological force of the lower limbs is that many people are guilty of “feet”. After the age of thirty, with the age of age, the muscles and ligaments of people’s feet are slowly aging, and their ability to maintain the arch of the arch decreases. When the stand is loading, the arch collapse or even disappears. When walking, both feet are often outside the outside. The overturning position causes the ankle joint to distort, resulting in the lack of the lower limb weights. This also causes the imbalance of ankle and knee joints, and increases chronic damage to the knee and ankle joint. The changes in long -term lower limb weights will cause compensatory damage to the hip joints and waist, leading to chronic degradation lesions in the waist and hip, which is clinically manifested in the long -term chronic pain and joint activity disorders of these parts. Wearing a corrected insole, corrected the velvet deformity of the feet and the distortion of the ankle joint when walking, and to varying degrees of the lower limbs, and the imbalance of the ankle and knee joints, thereby reducing the ankle and knee. Chronic damage to the joints, thereby relieve or relieve symptoms such as back pain.

Flash -footed

In children with congenital flat feet, early -wearing corrected insoles can not only prevent the occurrence of flat foot complications, correct the bad gait of the child, but also redefine the normal arch. The flat -footed correction insoles of adults can scientifically support the arch, effectively relieve symptoms such as fatigue, pain and discomfort, and calf muscle soreness caused by flat feet.

The role of heel pain

We know that heel pain often occurs in women over 40 years of age. The most common cause of clinical practice is “metasitis”. After wearing a correction insole, the tension of the metatarsal membrane is relieved, reducing the strain of the metatarsal tendon membrane, and the heel of the correction of the insole is a mesh structure. the goal of.

The role of the foot of the soles (foot pads) or front palm pain

The bottom pads mostly occur below the head of the Ⅱ and III. It is caused by the collapse of the Ⅱ and III metatarsal bone heads, which increases the local stress and is caused by local squeezing and friction. Wearing Ku Ming’s healthy shoes, re -distributed the underground stress, reducing the centralized stress under the head of the Ⅱ and III metatarsal bones. In this way, not only the pain symptoms of the foot pads can be relieved, but long -term use can completely eliminate the foot pads.

The effect of thumbs and cystitis

Outside the thumb is removed, most of them are caused by wearing high -tip shoes. Wearing a healthy insole, the surrounding degree of the shoes is wide, preventing the squeezing of the pointed and narrow shoes on the squeeze of the toe, reducing pain, preventing the disease from worsening and complications. Essence

Correct insoles can also be used in many kinds of foot diseases, which have a good effect on habitual ankle joint sprains, and chronic pain left after ankle sprains. The strength of muscle and ligaments has corrected the tilt of the ankle joint surface, increased the stability of the ankle joint, and improved the unexclades’ unexplained force. The role.

Reduce foot fatigue

People who stand and walk frequently (such as teachers, traffic police, sales, insurance industry, etc.) often feel fatigue and discomfort, even pain, because the feet usually only have 3 points of disorder, and the scientific design of correction insoles is in the insole. The three stress points of the foot adopt a mesh structure, which effectively relieves the foot force of the foot. At the same time, the arch of the arch is scientifically and effective, so that the feet change from three points to the entire foot of the feet, and the muscles of the foot are relaxed. A degree to effectively reduce foot fatigue. In particular, middle -aged and elderly people, the muscles and ligaments of the foot are loose, the elasticity is weakened, the feet fat pads become thin, standing or walking more difficult, more fatigue, and more suitable for corrected insoles. The mesh structure of the forefoot and the back of the heel also relieves the shock to the spine and the brain.



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