Children’s correction insole

According to the principle of human biomechanics, it is directly applied to the molding technology of Lekang Bu in Canada. In the early days, a large number of clinical testing and statistical analysis has been used to intimidate the appliances in the shoe mezzanine and combine with the shoe; there is a personalized inside in the shoes. , Extract orthopedic insoles, orthopedic shoes have good stability. The built -in orthopedic insoles can be maintained without shift and moving. Its special rear and cup design has the function of holding the bone, which can keep the child’s bone in neutral position and prevent and correct the heel sloping. The toe adopts an outer baffle design to correct the outer phenomenon of the forefoot. There is a unique design at the bottom of the shoe, with Thomas heel and horizontal bow holder.


Children’s flat feet, inner eight characters, feet outward, back -to -end, back -ups, innate horseshoe, cerebral palsy, spine bifida, sequelae of trauma, long legs, high bow foot, X -shaped legs, O -type, type O -type Legs and other diseases.

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