Arching correction insole


Arching insoles can effectively prevent and alleviate the    symptoms of spine disease caused by foot pain, back pain, back pain, and spine disease caused by foot problems.

Archlaps correction insoles refer to appropriate support by giving appropriate support for the three arch of the human foot (horizontal arch, inner feet, and outer feet), so that the bones of the foot are arranged again. The tendon, ligament, and muscles are gradually responded to normal positions. Let the stiff, tight, relaxed tendon, ligament, muscle recover comfortable elasticity to avoid special function insoles such as the spinal nerves and paralysis and pain.

Product Features

  1. Relieve to prevent middle -aged and elderly cervical and shoulder lumbar spondylosis.
  2. Make the elderly’s center of gravity balanced walking more stable.
  3. Reduce the leg edema caused by the changes in weight and center of gravity and the probability of falling due to imbalance.
  4. Protecting the pelvic dilatation composite before gastrointegration to achieve a scientific and reasonable position to prevent deformation and body.
  5. Correcting the foot type in children’s development to normalize their bones.
  6. Reduce the soreness of the deformity caused by the feet and the joints of various joints and nerves.
  7. Re -arrange the main joints of the body.
  8. significantly improve your body balance.
  9. Correct all kinds of unhealthy foot types.
  10. Cushion the load of the foot to reduce physical fatigue.


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