The challenge of having broad feet is well known to everyone who has tried to squeeze their feet into a new pair of shoes only to find them cramped and uncomfortable.


When it comes to shopping for shoes for large feet in a regular mall or big-box retailer, those with feet that are even slightly wider than the usual might easily become discouraged and out of luck.


Stuffing your feet into shoes that don’t fit well isn’t worth the everyday agony and probable long-term injury.


Fortunately, there are many resources available to assist you in learning more about shopping for wide-footed shoes and why it’s so crucial to select the appropriate pair for long-term comfort and safety.


Wide Feet: What Causes Them?

Many persons with wide feet are just born with them. The width of our foot changes over time due to a variety of variables. Our tendons and ligaments stretch out as we age, making our feet longer and wider than they were when we were younger.


Pregnancy, for example, can cause a comparable loosening of the joints, making the feet longer and wider, especially in the second and third trimesters.


Wide Feet Causes Concerns

While cramped feet and pinched toes are normal side effects of wearing shoes that are too small, the truth is that incorrect footwear can lead to far more serious issues.


Bunions, calluses, crossover toe, and hammertoe can all be caused by wearing shoes that are too thin. Cramped shoes are at blame for all of these foot problems, either causing or exacerbating them.


Wide-feet shoes are difficult to come by.

Finding shoes that fit is crucial to your feet’s long-term comfort and health. This may take some time, but once you’ve found a brand or style that works for you, you may toss out all of your cramp-inducing, painful, and swollen shoes.


Here’s how to find wide-footed shoes that fit.


Take a measurement of your feet

You may determine how broad your feet are by measuring them and then purchasing shoes in the appropriate size. You may simply DIY at home if you are unable to walk into a store and use a typical foot measuring gadget.


Simply trace one foot on each of two blank pieces of paper. Then, take the greatest number (remember, both feet aren’t typically the same size), subtract 1/8″, and use this number to select shoes in the correct size.


Look for shoes with a wide fit.

Simply look for wide-fitting shoes to make things easier for yourself. These wide-footed stretch shoes are frequently constructed wider or with specific flexible materials that can fit a variety of foot shapes and sizes.


Orthotics Direct has wide-fitting shoes and custom orthotics.

If you have foot problems, a mix of wide-fitting shoes and custom orthotics can provide you the best fit.


Custom orthotics can help alleviate the impact of a lifetime of uncomfortable, narrow shoes by taking into account long-term concerns like bunions or hammer toes.


At IDEASTEP Orthotics, we custom-make orthotics to fit any shoe based on your measurements. We make sure your orthotics are firmly inserted in the shoes of your choice before your shipment ships, and we can even recommend the best-fitting shoes for wide feet.

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