Hallux Valgus, Must Say Goodbye to High Heels Forever? !

From the perspective of the physiological structure, to make dexterous movements such as opening and closing, grasping, etc., the first metacarpal bone must be separated from the second metacarpal bone in the human hand to provide greater flexibility; relatively, the foot’s The design is to cope with long-distance trekking, so the first metacarpal bone and the second metacarpal bone are fit, and the angle between the two is only about 9 degrees, to provide more stable support.

Once the angle between the two is too large, the first metacarpal bone varus will cause the phalanx of the big toe of the foot to be valgus, and the inner side will have protruding joints and the metacarpal bones, causing pain and abnormal appearance. The angle of normal hallux valgus is about 15 degrees or less. If the angle is greater than 20 degrees, it is called “calculus valgus”. The larger the angle, the more painful it is not necessary, but the more ugly it is probably.

Hallux valgus is not a chronic disease, it can be corrected!

Let’s take a look at the misconceptions of hallux valgus on the market that bother patients?

Someone said sincerely: I used to hear that hallux valgus would relapse soon after treatment. The operation was useless, so I have not dared to see a doctor since I was young; until a while ago, I met a villager. Ah, Sang happily said that the hallux valgus that had troubled him for many years had been cured and that he had not relapsed for more than a year, so he quickly asked him for the doctor’s name and summoned his courage to walk into the ankle center for treatment.

As long as the hallux valgus is corrected properly and correctly, the focus is on how to adjust the axis of the bone correctly. After healing, the shape of the bone will be set in the correct position. , The hallux valgus will naturally not recur.

Find the right specialist doctor to avoid suffering and harm

As for the operation process, it is fast and difficult. Generally speaking, the deviation angle of hallux valgus is about 30 to 60 degrees. It only takes more than half an hour to correct one foot on average. If two feet are opened, plus The time of anesthesia is almost 2 hours to complete the operation; the patient can be discharged immediately, but the foot is a very functional part and faces the needs of stepping, stepping, and walking every day, so the swelling and tissue recovery will all It is slower, and patients need to be more patient with this.
However, I still strongly recommend that patients seek medical advice from a dedicated foot and ankle doctor, so as not to encounter non-specialist doctors with insufficient experience. Not only will the operation process be painful, and even the postoperative angle will not improve.

Do I have to say goodbye to high heels after the operation?

Although, wearing ordinary toe cap shoes, because of the hallux valgus, the inner side of the hallux will rub against the shoes, causing pain and discomfort; penetrating sandals, although not painful, the twisted hallux is exposed, and there are Unsightly, it is a dilemma for beauty-loving women with hallux valgus.

However, the more fear lies in the fact that after the corrective surgery for hallux valgus, he will no longer be able to wear high-heeled shoes that make the calf slender, replaced by ugly functional shoes!

This fear and anxiety is another unnecessary myth. As long as the position of the foot bones is adjusted, the patient can wear high heels and pointed shoes after the operation (though I am not very encouraged, after all, this has the nature and nature of the anti-foot), and we will follow the operation during the operation. The most beautiful and natural structural adjustment of the hallux, there is still a slight angle between the second to the third phalanx of the hallux, which will not correct the hallux valgus to be straight, so that the foot does not look like ” Because of this, after surgery, the width of the sole is generally reduced by 1/10, which is more conducive to wearing shoes with a long and narrow body. Women who love beauty do not have to worry at all.

Easily self-detect hallux valgus

So, what causes hallux valgus? How should we examine it?

On the whole, “Hallus valgus” can be said to be a product of the standard “congenital malaise, acquired disorder”. Congenital refers to heredity, such as hyperkinetic arthritis, flat feet, collapsed arches… The possibility of turning over; and the day after tomorrow refers to the way we interact with our feet. For example, do you wear high heels or pointed shoes for a long time? Or maybe you overuse the inner muscles of the feet, which causes degeneration…etc.

Unless injured, very few people will suffer from “Hump valgus” in the future because their phalanges are completely normal. Most patients have some problems with the congenital foot, which gradually deteriorated over time, and finally had to face it and receive treatment. Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it has only been slightly tilted for centuries until In the past 100 years, after the deflection angle has accumulated to a certain level, the tilt speed suddenly increases, and it has to be closed for renovation.

Normally, we can easily detect whether there is a tendency to hallux valgus by ourselves: just stand and close the feet to check if the hallux is inclined more than 15 degrees to the second toe. If there is such a sign, we have to pay attention to it. , To avoid deterioration, or seek medical treatment from a specialist.

No hallux valgus, life is more splendid

In fact, the most valuable part of hallux valgus surgery is that the operation is not to encourage everyone to wear shoes with an “abnormal” gait such as high heels and pointed shoes but to make patients walk without pain, occasionally. Being able to put on beautiful shoes, show your self-confidence, and make your life more splendid. You don’t need to turn people into black and white for this small problem that can be dealt with quickly.

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