How to choose an insole

Some people will certainly say when they see the question, the shoes that they buy are equipped with insoles. Do you still need to buy insoles? Actually, it is necessary. The insoles of the shoes themselves are generally thinner, which is to cover the soles and make the shoes look better. It is not easy to change and wash. It is necessary to add a pair of insoles so that the shoes are comfortable to wear. So how to choose an insole?

1. Pad the insole according to the nature of the shoe: If it is cloth shoes, you can choose the insole made of cotton. This insole is the best fit between the shoe and the softness is also moderate. It can be integrated with the shoe. It has good air permeability and does not cover. foot.

2. According to the softness and hardness of the sole: if the sole is hard, a thicker insole is needed so that the feet will not be worn when walking. If the sole is soft, choose an insole with moderate hardness.

3. Choose according to the season: If it is summer and the weather is hot, you can use cool cotton and linen insoles, which are comfortable and breathable. If it is winter, you can use wool insoles to keep warm.

4. Sports shoes: People who like to exercise often wear sports shoes. The insoles of sports shoes are different from ordinary insoles. We’d better choose insoles that match the shoes. If you can’t find them, at least choose sports insoles. .

5. People with extremely wet feet: For those with wet feet, what is most needed is a pair of air-permeable sterilization insoles. You can choose deodorizing insoles or bamboo charcoal adsorption insoles, which can effectively remove odors and make your feet more comfortable.

6. The size of the insole: Some people have always believed that you should buy an insole one size smaller than the shoe. In fact, the insole itself is made according to the size of the shoe. The size of the shoe is the size of the insole. However, due to the combination of shoes and insoles If it is not matched, it is best to wear shoes to buy insoles.

7. According to the shape of shoes: Nowadays there are many styles of shoes, and the soles also have various shapes. When choosing insoles, it is best to buy the original insoles in the shoes, otherwise they may be either too thin or too fat, or even out of shape. , Then trouble.

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