How Custom Orthotics Can Help with Poor Foot Circulation



Have you ever felt pins and needles in your feet or felt your feet tingle while going about your day? If this is the case, your feet may be suffering from poor circulation. When blood takes longer than usual to reach the extremities of the body, it is called poor circulation.


Poor circulation is often an indication of a more serious illness. If you notice a change in your foot circulation, you should see a doctor straight away so they can assess your health and find the underlying cause. Poor circulation in your feet can eventually lead to significant tissue and nerve damage if left untreated. Obtaining medical guidance is critical to ensure the best possible health for your feet and legs.


Today, we’ll review the indications and symptoms of poor foot circulation, as well as if custom orthotics could help you as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy for this disease.


Poor Circulation in the Feet: Signs and Symptoms

It’s common to feel cooler in your hands and feet than the rest of your body. If your feet are frequently numb or tingly, as if you’ve just come in from the cold, it could be an indication of impaired circulation.


This sensation usually starts out mildly with throbbing and tingling, but it can quickly grow to severe, agonizing pain that limits your mobility. Muscle cramps, varicose veins, and a change in the overall undertone of your feet from a healthy warm color to blue or purple are all signs of impaired circulation.


Poor foot circulation can be caused by a variety of factors.

Consult your doctor immediately away if you’re having any of these symptoms for the first time. Circulation problems in the hands and feet are a common side effect of several serious medical diseases.


Some of the most prevalent causes of poor foot circulation are listed below.


Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a condition that affects the arteries

When a person gets peripheral arterial disease (PAD), plaque builds up in their blood vessels and arteries, narrowing them. The legs and feet may have constricted blood flow as a result of PAD. In addition to poor circulation symptoms in the feet, patients with PAD frequently have pain in their calves after walking or exercising, and cuts on their legs and feet heal considerably slower than usual.


Clots in the Blood

Blood clots are another major cause of impaired circulation in the foot. They can form anywhere in the body and obstruct blood flow in that vein or artery partially or entirely. A major stroke or heart attack could occur if the clot breaks free and goes through your heart or brain.


If you’ve recently had a clot, you might be experiencing circulation issues in that location. The area around the clot may also become clearly bloated and red. Consult a doctor right once if you suspect you have poor circulation in your feet and notice edema around the area.


Again, untreated symptoms of poor circulation can be fatal, signaling health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or restricted blood flow.



Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that happens when a patient’s blood sugar levels are too high, causing nerve damage. It can be difficult to identify when symptoms are growing worse because this ailment develops slowly. Foot pains and increased sensitivity to touch are common symptoms, in addition to impaired circulation.


How Custom Orthotics Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Poor Circulation in the Feet

Custom orthotics cannot reverse the effects of poor circulation, but they can aid in the treatment of poor circulation in the foot.


Custom orthotics help minimize pressure on sensitive areas, increase circulation, and promote blood flow by supporting feet in an optimal posture for comfort and motion. They also keep feet healthy by reducing friction and preventing ulcers, infections, and other problems caused by poor circulation.


With a custom orthotic and shoe package, you can get the best possible support.

Rather of suffering in silence from poor circulation, take measures to protect your feet with custom orthotics. IDEASTEP Orthotics makes it simple to purchase a shoe and orthotic package that will be properly fitted and sized before leaving our facility.



Today, shop online for shoes and orthotics that will help you maintain your long-term foot health.

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