Do you have any concerns about your child’s posture, or do they complain of foot pain?


These problems are sometimes only transitory, the result of an active playdate or an accident. Other instances, these concerns are the result of foot issues that need to be addressed in order to avoid further problems.


Because of their active lifestyles, most children are susceptible to certain types of foot pain and even ankle injury. Although knocks and bruises are unavoidable, checking foot pain in children whenever it arises guarantees that the problem isn’t the result of a broader posture or gait problem.


Because children are so robust, these signs and symptoms frequently go unreported.


Today, we’ll go over some of the most frequent causes of foot pain and disorders in children, as well as how orthotics and arch supports can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate foot pain and concerns.


The Most Common Causes of Foot Pain in Children

If your child has foot or heel discomfort and does not seek medical help, it may take longer for the problems to heal once a treatment plan is in place. It will be simpler to notice problems before they impede your child’s mobility once you are aware of the symptoms of these children’s foot concerns.


In-toeing and out-toeing are two different ways to walk.

When toddlers first learn to walk, they practice in-toeing and out-toeing. Although it’s exciting to see your baby take their first steps, some parents are concerned when they notice their infant pushing their toes too far inwards or outwards.


This type of stride is common in young children and is rarely the source of toddler foot pain. They should, however, begin walking normally as they mature.


If your child is three years old or older and still walks in-toe or out-toe, you should see a doctor to check if there is anything to be concerned about.


Feet that are completely flat

Flat feet are seen in all children under the age of three. However, it’s cause for concern if they don’t develop an arch as they grow. It’s possible that your child’s foot pain is due to hard, inflexible flat feet if they’re beyond the age of four.


Can These Problems Be Solved With Custom Shoe Inserts?

If your child is complaining of foot pain, can’t keep up with their peers when playing sports, or is tripping and falling frequently, they may have a foot problem that needs to be addressed.


Orthotics can help with some of these disorders, but they must be prescribed by a doctor. Children under the age of five will not benefit from orthotics, and in some cases with flat feet, the doctor will merely advise the child to go barefoot as much as possible.


After assessing the child’s normal walking motion as well as their posture and anatomy, doctors will prescribe orthotics. Looking at a pair of the child’s shoes can also give them an excellent idea of their walking pattern. They will also take into account any uneven wear patterns or places of severe pressure.


Kid Orthotics Best Practices

If your doctor recommends shoe inserts for your children, they will offer you detailed instructions on how to use them properly. To avoid any harmful impact on their natural walking motion and foot form, children should only wear orthotics prescribed by their doctor or a foot and ankle surgeon.


Children should wear their orthotics the majority of the time, and the orthotic device should be replaced as soon as the child’s foot grows out of it. After six months of using orthotics, most doctors will check in to evaluate how the youngster is doing.


IDEASTEP Orthotics has the best shoe inserts for kids.

Children must wear orthotics that fit them properly and be paired with shoes that suit the device without restricting the foot in any way. Buying an orthotic and shoe kit from IDEASTEP Orthotics is a great way to do that.


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