The following brief introduction to you about four different types of insoles, I hope you have a preliminary understanding, and then carefully look at what to choose.

First, the shock-absorbing soft insole

Generally made of soft materials, it is also the most sold insole on the market. Its functions are mainly comfort, air permeability, deodorization, Antiskid, shock absorption, and so on. This kind of happy when everyone buys it, there is nothing to pay attention to, students with sweaty feet can try a Loofah insole, easy to use does not smell.

Note that Silica Gel pads and ultra-soft pads are not suitable for Plantar Fasciitis, which I’ll cover in a separate chapter if you’re interested.

Second, arch support insole

Functional insoles are recommended. The most important feature is to provide support for the arch of the foot, so that the foot can be a more uniform force, the foot is better, but also less tired.

Generally the bottom part of the hard and a bit of flexibility to support, above a layer of soft cushion, used for shock, anti-skid Deodorant, etc.

In addition, some will be in the foot root and the place of the forefoot to add some soft gel like silicone to enhance the shock absorption effect, or thickened the position of the ball of the foot, to do a reduction of the pressure on the forefoot. Suitable for standing for a long time, the center of gravity in front of the person.

Third, Pre-made functional insoles

It is suitable for the most common problems  (about 70% to 80%), which the functional insoles currently on sale for different foot patients.

Unlike the general arch support, this type of insole is aimed at people with foot problems (for example, the calcaneus is tilted more than four or five degrees).

It not only provides support for the arch, but also fixes and restricts the position of the sole and heel through different designs, and prevents deterioration, such as flat feet, high arches, and heel valgus.

Using mats properly, the lower limb line of force correction can improve foot pain, easy tiredness, etc., and it can also protect the knee.


Last, Prescription or customized orthotic insole

The best is also the most expensive, the people with foot more serious problem choose this kind of insole, which generally feel prefabricated is not enough close to the foot, can not buy the right, two feet are not the same situation, 

The foot problem includes Severe Bunions, heel pain, flat feet, Genu Varum or Valgus, arch pain, etc.

The advantage is a very good solution to the problem of prefabricated feet, most people have two feet that are a little different, very little lopsided very symmetrical.

Open-molded insoles can also be made to fit your foot type and help improve foot pain.

On the other hand, customization also takes into account the shoes to be worn to adjust, so it will be more comfortable.


Note: Most diseases such as flat feet or high arches can not be solved by insoles. Insoles are mainly used for fixing and angle correction to minimize deterioration and make our feet feel better in life, but it’s not for everyone, and someone with an Achilles tendon injury or arthritis may not be able to force a change in the angle of the heel bone.

More importantly, exercise, stretch properly, strengthen muscles and tendons, and follow your doctor’s orders.

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