The average person who survives to age 80 will have taken somewhere north of 200 million steps. That’s a lot of walking, to say the least! Naturally, as you become older, those steps become more difficult and can cause problems and consequences. This essay will take a look at age-related foot problems and what you can do to decrease their impact.



One of the best-known foot disorders associated to age has to be arthritis. This is a syndrome that can affect any area of the body, not only the feet. The most prevalent form of arthritis is called as Osteoarthritis. This is triggered when the joints and cartilage that link your bones start to wear down. The toes and ankles of the foot are particularly vulnerable to this type of wear and strain.’ Symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness, swelling, and trouble moving the foot or walking.


Any region of the foot can be affected by this pain. Fortunately, there are numerous treatments available for this illness. Anti-inflammatory medicines provided by a medical expert may be the most urgent remedy. Arthritis can be relieved and prevented with the use of orthotic treatments. As indicated, the etiology of arthritis is a wearing down of cartilage in the joints of the foot. Custom orthotics can make sure that your foot is prevented from exerting unnecessary strain on any particular region. Since arthritis is slightly more common in senior women, comfy shoes for women can be an important element of addressing the ailment as well. In the most severe cases, surgery or steroid injections may be required.


Feet that are completely flat

The cartilage in your foot isn’t the only portion of your foot that will deteriorate if you don’t take proper care of it. Ligaments are connective tissues that keep your foot in its arch form. If your feet do not receive adequate support, they will gradually stretch out, resulting in the condition known as “Flat Feet.” Swelling in the foot, as well as pain in the hip, knee, and lower back, are all possible side effects of this ailment. If not addressed appropriately, flat feet can cause difficulties walking or even standing straight as you become older.


Flat Feet are usually treated with physical therapy and treatments. Physical therapists or podiatrists might offer a variety of activities, such as heel cord stretching, that are specifically designed to help with flat feet. The most effective technique to combat flat feet is to use orthotic treatments. Men and women can benefit from custom orthotics paired with comfortable shoes to create a “artificial arch.” This will give the vital ligaments support and keep them from wearing down. This type of orthotic support can also aid when your arches have fallen out, allowing your foot to heal.



Getting custom orthotics early in life can help prevent problems like flat feet later in life. Conversely, a lifetime of poor footwear choices can come back to haunt you. One of the examples of these repercussions is the ailment known as “Hammertoe”. This is an unnatural bend in one or more of your toes’ joints, which is usually caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. Shoes that are too thin will force the toes into abnormal postures. These disjointed toes are prone to calluses, corns, arthritis, and edema, as well as being extremely uncomfortable.


The greatest approach to avoid getting Hammertoes is to never get them in the first place. Wearing comfortable shoes for women or men is a fantastic way to avoid developing this problem. It’s especially critical that your shoes have enough room in the toe area and are wide enough to accommodate your feet. Hammertoe can also be treated using orthotics, which are custom-made to keep the toes in position. In most cases, such orthotic devices can help slowly reverse Hammertoe; surgery is only required in the most severe cases.


Shortening the Achilles Tendon

Your foot can move thanks to a network of tendons that connect the various elements of the foot and connect the foot to the lower leg. These tendons might wear down and lose the normal water levels that keep them healthy and functioning efficiently as you get older. These tendons can begin to shorten as they age. Flat-footedness, as well as soreness and a lack of motion in your foot, can be caused by this. If left untreated, Achilles Tendon Shortening can lead to Achilles Tendon Tears, which can be disastrous for mobility.


Regular Achilles tendon stretching and limbering exercises are the greatest approach to keep your Achilles tendon stretched and limber. You should also strive to invest in orthotic solutions that keep your feet in the proper position for the optimal heel support – the Achilles tendon links to your foot at the heel.


Atrophy of the Fat Pads

Many people worry about losing weight as they become older. However, in some circumstances, weight loss should be your first concern. It’s possible to lose the natural cushioning of fat that protects the bones and tendons on the inside of your foot. This can result in a variety of issues, including a lot of pain in the ball and heel of your feet.


To compensate for the lack of padding you currently have, one of the greatest strategies to cope with fat pad atrophy is to acquire extra comfy shoes for men and women. Soft custom orthotics, on the other hand, are a good choice since they can act as “artificial foot pads” that mold to your sole.


Get The Best in Custom Orthotics

Comfy orthotics and comfortable shoes for women and men can help prevent foot problems later in life. There are a range of outstanding orthotic solutions in our shop, produced by the absolute best shoe and orthotic makers in the business. Get the orthotic support you need today so you can enjoy your pain-free foot tomorrow.

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